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hillridgerpx [userpic]

Pinched from..well my "auntie roo" thats who

November 12th, 2006 (06:08 pm)

The Rules:

- List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
- Don't say who they are, use people only once.
- All who read this must post in their own journal (if they want to)
Random musings from the dark side?Collapse )

hillridgerpx [userpic]

Kill da wabbit...kill da wabbit...

April 13th, 2006 (03:04 pm)

current mood: amused

"Abducted" from 'just blue'

my pet!

hillridgerpx [userpic]

Game time!

February 23rd, 2006 (03:16 pm)

current mood: drained

Okay,been thinking about this one for awhile,since I decided that this lj was gonna be solely for my RP posts. As such,here goes nothing...meaning,I was able to rebuild one of my lost sl fragments!

*Lays on the bed thats mine,in the new apartment thats mine...shivering despite the way it probably is outside. Warm and nice,and a great day to be missing out on,though such reasonings would be lost on someone such as me right now,given the situation that I willingly placed myself in. Which at the time,seemed like the best course of action,given how wonderful the year had been,up to this point in time*

~What in the heck is wrong with me? Why do I feel like I could peel my skin off,and even though it would sting like crazy....I wouldn't care? How in the heck am I going to survive without that little pill that keeps all the nightmare whisperings in my mind at bay,for 3 months?!? Shoot,don't even think I could last 3 more days! Hmm...maybe I could steal some of what Tina has,yeah thats the best thing I can do...now all I gotta do is be strong enough to want to venture out of this place for more than five seconds. And before I could make good on what I wanted to do,who should show up,and find me in the worst possible state a human should willingly place themselves in?~

Rocco: *After walking into the master bedroom,and the apartment proper beforehand* Hey...what the heck has been up with you the last couple weeks? Everyone has been trying to get ahold of you on the phone,and yet...you don't want to talk? Thats so not like you,its not even funny
*Snarls at him* Go away
Rocco: No
*Stares at him,seething* I said go away and don't bother coming back! I can NEVER forgive you for what you did to me,NEVER!
Rocco: Way I see it,your wanting to give your adoptive mommy 2 more grandchildren...was as much your choice,as it was mine,as such....don't even try to hand me that nonsense,as I refuse to let you sit,lay there,whatever the heck it is you are presently doing,and pick at me like that girl who you despised back in our old neighborhood!

*Stands up at those last words,my eyes blazing and totally in tune with my feelings that reside in my heart* Forget you,forget her...forget everything! YOU RAPED ME,just like the person who gave me my first,and only child! And just like that idiot,you lied about what you did to me! *Which was when I closed to within striking distance of him,and it was pretty clear what my intentions were,when I had gotten close enough to do more than half shout simple words at him*

Rocco: *Standing there,taking in all of what he saw before him. Me at my worst. Hair unwashed for more than 3 days...dark circles under my eyes...clothes that reeked of the failure that I felt had soaked its way into my very pores* Oh really now...well if thats how you feel,by all means,go right ahead do your worst then *which was when he went and dropped his hands to his sides,fully intending to take everything I dished out at him,not in the mood to defend himself or anything. And yeah,he didn't put up any fight when I kicked his legs out from under him,knelt on his chest,and starting tearing into him with my fists. Which is what I would have wanted to do,were I in posession of the strength that would make such a fantasy a reality. What did I end up doing? Well....*

*Crying openly and heavily as I do what I can to try and disappear into his embrace,as he simply holds me,stroking my hair as much as he can,talking to me like the father that I needed,yet was unwilling to allow him to help,since he wasn't my real dad* I am so sorry about what you had to see just now...I'm not myself! What the heck is wrong with me,can you explain these feelings that I have inside my head,my heart?

Rocco: *Quietly* Its called withdrawal. I went through it big time when I was down in Florida,after what happened...scared the crap out of the rest of the gang. And I mean big time...I thought I was gonna go outside,and jump off a cliff or something,just to get the voices in my mind to shut themselves off...
You and I never talked much about what happened when we parted ways...shoot,matter of fact,right after you got back in my life...it was as if you'd never left.
Rocco: Don't I know it,your parents tried to force us to stay apart,even though I've got a decent job,same as you...why the heck did they never like me?
Its because I wouldn't listen to my mom...for the reasons we discussed when I suspected she wasn't really my mom,she never understood what happened to me,until the first time I defied her. She tried to get me to get out of bed,I refused...she snatched me up,and I started screaming 'no hurt no hurt no hurt',then I started repeating mama mama mama mama...until she asked me what was going on,which was when I told her...'mama hurt,say she love me'...
Rocco: Oh
*Sighs* She only wanted to make sure I was never as bad off as what the real mother became...
Rocco: Of course,so anyway...
Rocco: You eaten anything yet?
*Blinks* What are you saying...you want me to go out to eat? Look at me,I'm a mess! And it won't wash away in enough time for me to make a dinner reservation,if you can get one at a restaurant!
Rocco: Oh heck no,nothing like that...I thought I'd go to the restaurant that signs my paychecks,and get us two dinners to go,whatever you feel like,some salad bar...and some dessert,then...we eat here,and make sure little sister doesn't interfere
Sounds like a plan
Rocco: One problem though
And that would be?
Rocco: You reek,as such...I'm going to get your sister and have her oversee your clean up
Okay...~and true to his word,he went and tracked her down,all but shoving her into the place we usually shared. Then he left,figuring he'd have enough time to accomplish his deed,while we did the same~

After she showed:

Tina: Wow,he wasn't kidding. You reek. SO! What all am I supposed to do here? Do I have to bathe the little princess,or is she capable of doing it on her own?
Ha ha,you should take your act on the road,maybe hit Vegas or something
Tina: Maybe when I'm done with school...for now though...back to what I asked?
I need to get cleaned up,and not just because boy toy wants a night out,in...
Tina: I see. Well,come on then...*which was when she led me to the bathroom,critically inspecting the basket that sits in the smallish linen closet* Um,most of these bottles are ones that are unopened...why?
*Sighs while sitting on the closed lid of the toilet* Because...I...well...oh just quit asking about some of those purchases I made,yet changed my mind about!
Tina: Sheesh...no need to bite my head off,just asking
Tina: No need to...anyway,I'm gonna place a couple bottles in the shower then leave...
~Yeah and as soon as I saw what she placed there~ Oh heck no...
Tina: Too late,choices have been made! ~which was when she exited after shoving me towards the shower,closing the door to the bathroom and locking it from her side~ And you will thank me for this,when you are done,trust me!

Roughly 45 minutes later,hair wound in a towel,same as my body:

*Slides out of the slightly steamy bathroom,smelling like a tropical rain forest* I HATE YOU
Tina: Oh quit griping...we aren't finished yet
Um...Tina...I can dress myself you know
Tina: Who said anything about that? I plugged your curling iron in...I hope that hair is dry
*Blinks* Uh no...not gonna subject myself to that
Tina: Relax. Nothing major,just a little bit on the ends..crimped is okay for you I hope...
No...*which was when I went to try and vacate the chair I was sitting on*
Tina: Okay,crimped it is then...*which is what she said while she was making sure not to let me escape*

After she was finished:

Tina: Okay,no need to go any further...so lets talk 'the perfect date night outfit!'
*Sighs* You're really getting a kick out of this aren't you...
Tina: Yeah,loads of fun...
Whats wrong?
Tina: Just wondering what the heck would happen to me,if there was a time that I found myself in the kind of state you were in,recently
Don't know why you'd want such a thing to...oh
Tina: Yeah,even though I was pretty close to this kind of depression,and more than when you saw
We,don't have to rehash such a thing you know...
Tina: Not trying to,just giving you some time to think about what you might want to wear
Thought about wearing that one shirt that I bought,and the gypsyish skirt to go with...
Tina: Yeah that works...hrm...okay this is weird...*which was when she held up what she found while rooting around in one of the drawers where I stashed
my unmentionables,before inspecting the tag attached to what she pulled out * A Vassarette HANDS UP PUSH UP bra? Sheesh,don't want to ever hear you calling me weird
again,if you do...I'll just have to snap a photo of you in this thing,for future torment purposes
*Snatches the item in question from her hands,slightly red faced* I just bought that,so don't start okay? Sheesh,if you must know...I had a romantic weekend getaway planned,before I started to fall apart...in case I felt I needed a change from my usual stuff

Tina: So you thought you'd tell me about some of you boudoir fantasies because...? I mean yeah,its great you thought about giving the boy toy some spice in his life,as well as yours...don't think that applies to me though,since I'm not you,and there is no way in the world I could pass for the fiancee
I know,I know sheesh...
Tina: Anyway,it works for what you plan here...you do need a bit of a boost,to make the boy toy drool...
Tina: *Laughing* Had to pay you back for some of what you put me through,at some point in time...didn't I?
True. Heck,figured you would have tried before now...to even the score,after what I told you when I first arrived here
Tina: Wanted to,didn't have time...of course in the here and now...its a waste of time to talk about such things
I know I know...wanna help me get dressed mommy?
Tina: Wow...way to take me back to a point that you didn't get to see,when it was just my dad and me
Sorry ~and rather than hang around,she left me to finish on my own...after hooking me into my new stuff,for my top half~

Not too long after she left:

*After walking back into the place that I dwell,and seeing that the coast was all clear* Rocco: Babe? You still here? Got everything like I said I would,sorry it took so long...
*Still in the bedroom* Thats okay
Rocco: *Returning to the main part of the whole place,after a detour into the kitchen* I'm setting the stuff out on the table now,so lets get things going shall we?
Don't see why not...~which was when I walked out to where he was,effect I had on him...well...~
Rocco: Well,you...sure clean up nice
*Laughs while sitting down on the chair he offered* Didn't really have much time to do a whole lot,so its a good thing you did think to enlist the helper you chose
Rocco: Ah don't worry about it,anyway...I got two steak dinners,and the salad...as you see
Rocco: Hey I have to know a little bit about the person who agreed to allow me to be her husband,even if...well,we don't have to go back over that now do we
Nope ~which was when we both felt the time was righht to attack the massive amount of greens that we had to eat~

Main course:

Rocco: Well...I have to admit,I did a good job on the first part,now...are you ready for the remainder? I was rather lucky when I stopped in at the restaurant,they needed to get rid of the garnishes that one would care to add to a baked potato,you know...butter...sour cream,bacon bits...they pretty much let me take what they were gonna dispose of,its not expired or anything,they just needed room for them,and other stuff in the fridge
Sounds okay,load my potato as much as you can,then slide it my way,with my steak...I'm starving! I feel like I haven't eaten in...three days,which might be around the last time I had something to eat
Rocco: No worries...it'll be ready for you,before you start eating the tablecloth or something

After watching me attack not only my potato,but what remained of his as well:

Rocco: *Smirking slightly while I lick the foil for whatever might remain,far as what would be classiried as being remnants of food on the item in question,then doing the same for the one which was the second,less appealing skin of his own spud* Yeah,remind me to never think about telling you I brought you something to eat,then jokingly told you that I was only saying those things,in the hopes you'd listen,believe me,given how I was lucky to witness you stalking a potato,like you were a lioness,and the helpless spud was a zebra or some smaller animal

*Slightly muffled,due to what I'm engaged in* Bite me
Rocco: No thanks babe,thats not what I had planned
Oh? Don't tell me that I've got more food to look forward too...
Rocco: Well my dear,we do indeed have one last course to endure. How does a slice of pie and some coffee sound?
*Eyes him warily* What kind of pie we talking here?
Rocco: Tell me first,what is your favorite?
*Starts* Oh no you didn't! You better have gotten a chocolate creme pie!
Rocco: Hardly babe,and I think you know which type of pie I am referring to...its in the fridge,and its fresh..as in made earlier today fresh
In that case,you better go and make good on your promise...because I don't want to have to lift a finger to attempt what I'd have to climb over you,to accomplish on my own!
Rocco: *Laughing again* As you wish madame...


Rocco: Now,what do I do with the dishes?
*Half sitting on the couch* Take them downstairs and put them in the dishwasher,then I'll see to them when I get up in the morning,before I have to go to work
Rocco: While I am doing that,why don't you put the dvd in the player,and turn it off before I miss the opening of the movie?
That I can do ~which is when he went and accomplished his end,as I was following through on my end of the discussion. And just like the way things had been in the old days,in the old neighborhood,the two of us fell asleep,about 5 minutes before the movie was finished with the closing credits~

hillridgerpx [userpic]

...so whats the exchange value on this stuff?!?

December 6th, 2005 (01:05 pm)

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What Will hillridgerpX Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by cardigan_anjel
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Something Geeky from pesh


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
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Non RP update

December 4th, 2005 (03:15 am)

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Stolen from anjel

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Take the quiz.
Post your results.
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hillridgerpx [userpic]

Uh oh...we're in trouble

November 5th, 2005 (10:33 pm)

current mood: contemplative

*Torture room 10 minutes later*

*Stares straight ahead thereby avoiding eye contact with my ‘friends’. An act which is mirrored by them as well. For different reasons. Eventually the ‘dean of students’ tires of the ‘mime act’ and clears her throat thereby starting the ‘meeting’*
Principal: Okay….what am I looking at here? Who started this fight?
Tina: *Sitting there with her head lowered to hide her tears and her shame* *Quietly from her* I did….and I doubt you want to hear why as it might send Lizzie into more random acts of violence.
Principal: Oh but I insist on hearing it Ms. Vargas. Why do you believe you started this fight when its obvious that it was clearly Elizabeth’s fault?
Tina: Well in a way….it is my fault.
Yeah….the ***** had sex with my boyfriend!
Principal: Elizabeth. Brooke. MCGUIRE. I am in charge of this school and all its students. Not YOU. As such you will not call someone a ***** for something that obviously happened off campus.

*Clams up and sits back fuming silently*

Principal: *Turning back to Tina* Now then Ms. Vargas. Do you have any proof of what you are telling me?
Tina: *Raising her head* Yeah. Afraid I do. I went to a free clinic 3 days ago and they did the test that tells if a gal is in a ‘family way’. They called me on my cell when I was in homeroom,and I was allowed to go out in the hall and take the call. While I'm not pregnant. What I stand accused of did indeed happen at the Halloween party end of last month.
*Mutters* Yeah and you tried to use my BOYFRIEND as a sperm dispenser!
Principal: Alright I have heard enough from you Elizabeth. Go out into the hall NOW!
*Flips her off*

Principal: *To me* You’re suspended. Starting Monday. And I am calling your parents. Yours as well Tina.

Tina: *Eyes wide from fear* No! Don’t call my dad!
Principal: I am afraid that I will have to in this case,given the circumstances,this event warrants more than a good talking to from the principal.
Tina: *Lowering her head again* ~I’m so past dead it isn’t funny~ Okay….

*Smirking* Serves ya right….
Tina: *Raising her head anew and looking right at me her eyes aflame* Get a life you half empty Dixie Cup! The world doesn’t revolve around you!
*Snarls* At least I don’t have a mother who was a total raving lunatic when she wasn’t on her medication!
Tina: *After standing and hauling me to my feet by my hair* If you EVER talk about my birth mother in that way again I will pull your hair out strand by strand! NOW SHUT UP! Then go tap dance up the onramp of the local interstate out of town!

*Wincing in pain before spitting in her face* Screw you! Not gonna happen!
Miranda: *Jumping up to wedge herself between us* Stop it! Both of you!
Tina/Me: NO! She started it!
Principal: And I am ending it. NOW. Tina you are free to stay in the office until your parent [s] can get here to take you home. Same applies to you Ms. McGuire. When your parents arrive to escort you ladies home I don’t want to see either of your faces until after the holiday next Thursday. Understood?!?
Me/Tina: Yeah.
Principal: And as for you Miranda….you can go back to class. Stop off and get a note from my secretary.
Miranda: Thanks. *before leaving she glares at me as she walks by and then mimes ‘call me later’ to both of us on her way out the door*

*After school at home*

My mom: ELIZABETH BROOKE MCGUIRE! You are so lucky we don’t send you AWAY or wash your mouth out with laundry soap for what you said to Tina! You know how bad off she has had her life compared to yours!
*Sighs* So what? Gordo cheated on me then demanded I DO the same as what he got from her! *Soon as I said that I wish I came with an automatic ‘rewind button’*
My dad: YOU ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH YOUR TEEN…oh man….why is the room starting to spin? *at that he starts to crumple towards the floor*

Dad? MOM! What’s wrong with dad?!?
My mom: LIZZIE! Go and call 911! NOW! I think he’s in trouble! *her words send me running for the phone in the kitchen. After dialing the number I don‘t bother to compose myself*

911 Operator: What is the problem?
Hello! Yes….there is a problem! My dad started to yell at me and then said the room was spinning!
911 Operator: Calm down miss. Then slowly tell me your full name and address and what the problem might be.

*Takes a deep breath* Okay. My name is Lizzie McGuire. I live at 16250 Iceberry Lane. I think my dad is having a heart attack because I accidentally told him I was thinking of having sex with my teenage boyfriend!
911 Operator: Okay Lizzie. Thank you. The ambulance should be on its way to your house in the next….3 minutes. They have the call and are now going out to the vehicle. Best thing for you to do is to go and try to calm down further and help your mom watch for the paramedics.

Thank you. Um….what else should I do?
911 Operator: That’s it Lizzie. Oh and make sure your dad doesn’t move or anything.

*Later at the hospital*

My mom: Honey….even though you are going to be grounded when I get you home….tell me honestly now….while we are here….is any of what we discussed on the way home the truth?
*Starting to cry because of both events* Mommy….its all true! Miranda told me that Kate and Ethan were at the party and during the 20 minutes that Tina and Gordo were absent….Ethan and Kate were in her line of sight the whole time!

Then Tina told me this morning that she went to the free clinic on Blackberry street 3 days ago and they called her cell phone yesterday to confirm that the test was negative. Which means that even though she isn't pregnant...Gordo wanted me to be part of his ‘harem’!
My mom: Oh Lizzie….baby….I don’t know what to tell you. When we get home….do you want to get rid of the lingerie we bought?

*Shaking my tear stained head&the face attached to it* No momma….I want to keep them and I still want to be ‘in bed’ with Gordo next weekend.
My mom: NO! You can’t! I won’t let you and your father will agree with me! He already has! I suspect that Gordo may have raped Tina and if he did that to her….he might do it to you! He was also clearly not ‘acting of his own accord’ when he helped her deal with what had happened to her!

*Blinks* You mean he was high on something?

Mom: He might have been. And he might not have known about it. Was there anyone at the party you didn’t know?
*Shakes my head* Other than Amy….that cousin of Kate….no. Wait….there was someone else there. Some friend of Amy’s. He looked kinda ’unkempt’ is what I could describe him as being.
Mom: Well there you go. There was something at the party that didn’t need to be there and no one stopped him until it was too late.

[Toon Lizzie] Well I wanted to stop him….but the rat in his pocket kinda scared me….[fade] Oh. So that means that I owe 2 people an apology? Gordo and Tina?
Mom: Yes I guess you do sweetie. Do you want to call one of them now?
I think I will wait until I get home. Hopefully by then Tina will be ‘out of danger’.

hillridgerpx [userpic]

Foolish choices

November 5th, 2005 (02:16 pm)

current mood: blank

*Friday morning finds me wishing I had stayed home. Its not so much the looks I get from the other ‘perfect people’….what hurts more is the way that my dad didn’t even say one word to me before I left for school. Which again makes me wonder if he knows how stupid his ‘broken puppet of a daughter’ really is. When that thought has gone I find that a tear has started to well in the corner of my left eye. A sure sign that being ‘the one and only’ is not going to happen for me today. Rather I have to face another day of being the ‘one and lonely’. And when I get like that….even my sister Megan doesn’t want to be around me. Which I don’t blame her for wanting to do. Heck when I get like this….I don’t even wanna be ‘in my own skin’ either. Luckily now…I have friends who can bring me out of it*

Lizzie: Hey Tina….how do you feel today?
*after a weak smile when I have come to a halt at the bus stop* Okay I guess. I might still have the flu so be careful.
Lizzie: *Chipper as usual* Don’t have to be careful. I got my flu shot yesterday at the free clinic.
*at that I turn pale* The one over on Blackberry street?
Lizzie: *Brighter than what she was 2 minutes ago* Yep. That one. Why?
*eyes wide from fear*~OMG. She knows~ *Quietly* No reason. Just thought maybe you went somewhere else is all.
Lizzie: Well that is the only ‘free clinic’ within walking distance of my house and the school. Why does it bother you that I went there?
~Lizzie….please….don’t ask me that again. More for my sake than yours.~ *Sighs* Okay….if I tell you why I am so upset about what you told me….you can’t tell anyone else. Do you promise?
Lizzie: Sure do.
Okay….well at the Halloween party we had at the Digital Bean….
Lizzie: Let me guess….you ate too much and almost threw up. I heard that someone did….*my look at her tells her that she was way off base. Afterwards she whispers* omg….no….its you….isn’t it. The one who was the subject of the rumor yesterday.

Lizzie you so can’t tell anyone! Not even Miranda! Please! You promised!
Lizzie: Why? They would only want to….*and then it dawns on her* oh. You fear what would happen to you when…not if….Kate finds out don’t you?
No….her I can handle. I just don’t want anyone thinking I’m ‘easy’. That and if my dad finds out from someone that I’m like his ex-wife….well that will be all she wrote for me attending school here.
Lizzie: Oh yeah. I could see how that would be bad. You don’t think he would pull you from school do you?
He might. Or worse. So can we please not talk about it anymore?
Lizzie: Gotcha. *luckily the bus pulls up and we have to stop anyways*

[Lizzies p.o.v.]

*Later during lunch*

Lizzie! Tina! Over here! *Watches as Miranda makes enough noise to draw in a ship from a fogbank and walks over to where she is sitting as Tina follows along behind me slowly as if she fears someone will pop out and accuse her of what she mentioned to me earlier today* Hey Miranda….what’s good in the way of news on your front today?
Miranda: Well I found out something that might be more on the ‘bad side’ of the chalkboard.
*Blinks as does Tina* Oh yeah? Like what?
Miranda: Well I did some digging and I found out that the guy who pulled the disappearing act wasn’t Ethan as someone first mentioned it might be. Turns out that its someone else.
*Frowns as does Tina* Yeah….who?
Tina: Um I don’t think I want to hear….*at that she stands and bolts for the nearest tree that she can hide under. Before I can pursue her Miranda looks at me and its then that I see in her eyes….that I need to hear the rest of what she has to say*

Miranda: Lizzie? When I tell you who the suspected possible ’father’ is….you might have more of a reason than what you thought you did at first….to go and check on Tina. Matter of fact….you might feel more like joining her for what is no doubt a good cry.
~Okay this is really starting to creep me out~ Am I going to need to sit back down for this?
Miranda: *all she does is nod*
~Okay~ *does what I asked*
Miranda: Brace yourself. I went to Kate and I hope what she told me is nothing more than one of her jokes….well….I asked her who the guy was that she told me she saw ‘duck out’ of the party for about 20 minutes….
Miranda: She told me it wasn’t Ethan. And I saw proof with my own eyes as he was right by her side while the guy was missing….
Miranda: She told me that the guy….was….*she pauses after that*
Spit it out!
Miranda: It was Gordo.
~OMG….NO way!~

Miranda: Lizzie?
*Blinks….fighting the tears that threaten to ruin my makeup* Yeah?
Miranda: You okay? ~Smooth Miranda…..real smooth. Go and state the obvious why don‘t ya?~
No….um listen….I gotta go talk to Tina right now. *at that I stand and make my way over to where Tina is sitting slowly….looking at the sea of faces that are my classmates imagining how they are talking about me after I walk past and scan their faces. Eventually I make my way to where Tina is sitting. At which point she looks up and my blazing eyes that are starting to well up with unshed tears make her want to run again*

Tina: *Quietly* Obviously you know the….
Shut up you miserable,rotten *****! HOW DARE YOU….you….*****! *before she can say or do anything I launch a kick towards her stomach. Upon seeing me draw my coltish leg back Miranda is up and running tackling me before I can make good on what I was intending to do. An act which has me laying on the ground looking up at Miranda breathing hard and looking at her as she kneels on my arms pinning me to the ground* You’re defending that tramp!?!
Miranda: Cool it Elizabeth!
**** you Miranda Isabella Sanchez! *Glares at Tina* And you! That also applies to you! I thought you were both my friends and this is how you both betray me? I bet you two cooked this up with Gordo just to get back at me for being so lousy towards you after the events of the first part of the summer!
Miranda: *at that she slaps me* Don’t you even DARE! You need to hear what happened! All of it! From Tina! Then you decide if you hate us! Am I GETTING THROUGH ALL THAT HAIRSPRAY?!?
*Slumps* Yeah I understand.
Principal: *After wisely choosing to stride over and insert herself into this matter* Well I don’t think I DO. So why don’t the 3 of you talk this out between yourselves while I am monitoring the conversation? In say….my office?

hillridgerpx [userpic]

Where angels fear to tread

November 5th, 2005 (12:23 pm)

current mood: blank

*Thursday morning finds me back where I love being as it helps take my mind off of everything that is going on around me. Strangely though….as the bus empties and then drives away Tina is absent. All that does is make me shrug and then head into the building to my locker where I am greeted by a slightly welcome sight. The sight of Miranda. 4 lockers down from where mine is*

Miranda: Hey. *after that is when we have arrived at our shared classroom*

*Later at lunch finds me still wondering where the heck Tina is. Until I happen to spot Miranda flagging me down so that I can be at the right table. The table that is shared by someone who I have finally managed to deal with. And for some strange reason,that other party seems to be avoiding the table in question today. Once I have exchanged the usual stuff we have to look forward to I sit down and then it begins*
Miranda: Hey do you know anything about this rumor that I have been hearing?
*Blinks* Rumor? What rumor?
Miranda: Well from what I have managed to piece together via the gossip mill that runs through here….one of the people at the party we had at the Digital Bean might have ended up pregnant.
~No way….! Wait until my mom hears this….! I’ll be grounded for sure!~ Do you know who it was on either side?
Miranda: Nope. All I do know is the name of the guy.
Who is it?
Miranda: Ethan.
*Feels my eyes widen in shock while spitting some of my juice towards the tray in front of me* Does Kate know that he was cheating on her?
Miranda: Doubt it. So don’t tell her.
I won’t. But you know she is gonna find out sooner or later.
Miranda: Later being the key word. So lets just try to get through the day. *before we can get any further the stepsister who I talked with approaches our table clearly on a break from work*

Megan: Hey Lizzie….can I talk to you for a sec?
Megan: Tina wanted me to ask if you could get her class assignments today for her. She came down with the flu over the weekend and she is almost over it. She should be back tomorrow.
Megan: Cool. Drop them off later where I work okay? I gotta get back.
No problem. *After that she is gone*
Miranda: That was….weird.
You know she is like that.
Miranda: Yeah. Guess I forgot. Well later. During study hall we can talk further.
Deal. *at that the 3 of us are gone our separate ways*

*Later still finds almost all of us sitting around talking about the events of earlier. As much as we can much to the ‘satisfaction’ of the person watching over us*

Miranda: *Quietly* [as will the whole conversation be] what do you think Tina is really sick from?
Dunno. But I am guessing it isn‘t the flu.
Miranda: You think she is ‘the one’? The girl?
Like I said….I’m not getting into it. So lets not bother okay?
Miranda: Works for me. Well I did manage to get some of her assignments. Turns out we have some of the same classes.
I got the ones that she has in the morning. So we should be all set.
Miranda: Cool. Do you want the ones I have so far or should we both take them later to her sister?
Maybe we should do that. Both take them to her sister that is.
Miranda: Another good idea McGuire. Well….back to work then.
*Giggles then returns to the problem that I was working on earlier*

[Tinas p.o.v.]

*Meanwhile during all of this*

My mom: Well how are we feeling today?
Kinda scared still. I don’t know what I am going to do. I think dad suspects something is going on.
My mom: Well you do have a difficult decision to face you know. And a father that has only wanted you to be as safe as what he can make you,given the situation that you had to deal with.
Mom….please. I don’t think I will repeat the mistakes of my mother….if that’s what ends up happening. Just like I know it wasn’t her fault that any of it happened. What she did to me. And how I hated myself for what I thought was my fault.
My mom: You sound like you plan to keep the child growing inside of you,should there be one,and not kill it.
*Whispers* I can’t….don’t you see? It would tear me up inside if I lost something that important to myself.
My mom: Well what about giving it away? As in letting someone else raise him or her?

*Sighs* That would remind me of what she did….and how much I hated what my life became when you walked into the picture and replaced my real mother.
My mom: Tina….please. Stop doing this to yourself. You have a sound mind and good judgment. Just like we knew you did all along. Which is why I know that you'd make the right choice not to abort its life. That of what might someday be your first child. But you know once he finds out….your dad….he might be less likely to be as understanding as what you hope,when all is said and done about the aftermath of that party.
*Sits silently starting to cry* I know….and I didn’t want this! I let my guard down and someone was there to make me feel like I needed to after that happened! All of it! And he wouldn’t listen to me when I said….’if we have unprotected sex you’ll be both cheating on your girlfriend and opening ‘Pandora’s box’ at the same time. He replied….’so? Kate could care less about me. She thinks I’m only good for one thing. Looking good and not saying anything when someone talks to me. She thinks I’m as vapid and shallow as what people thought her to be when she was in middle school.’ And you know what mom? I’ve seen they way they ‘fake being a couple’ and I know that they want to be closer to one another but neither one knows how to take the first step.

My mom: So why don’t you tell them such a thing?
Because I know it wouldn’t change anything. I have way too much to deal with on my own. So why should I try to solve all the problems of the world except my own?
My mom: *Lifting my head so she can look at my tear stained eyes and cheeks* And that my girl is what you should focus on. Because if you aren’t ‘happy with yourself’ how can you expect to make someone else understand you?
Wow. I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Pushing away the people who matter the most to me. Thanks.
My mom: Not a problem Tina. Now….why don‘t we go and have something to eat outside of here? You need some fresh air and so do I.
Sounds good to me mom.

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Fools rush in...

November 5th, 2005 (11:57 am)

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*Late Wednesday finds me in my room. What a shock that must be for some people. Unlike the last time there is only me. Because I don’t get many visitors. Except for one. And she doesn’t really count because she is family*
*from downstairs comes the voice of my mom* : Tina….dinner.
*at her words I just roll back over and stare at the wall huddled under the blanket that has been trying to slip off of me every chance it gets*
*still downstairs* My mom: Albertina Vargas I said DINNER. Now get your backside down here this instant. *When she doesn’t get a reply that sends her towards the stairs and eventually my room. One which obviously she doesn’t see the need to bother asking first before walking into*
My mom: Look Tina I know you have this ‘rebellious phase’ going through you right now….but you need to eat honey. Your dad has been worried about you. He fears that you might be suffering a relapse of what happened to you,since all you've been doing this week,okay the first few days of it...is come home and crawl into bed. What’s wrong?

*Quietly* I’m….in trouble. Big trouble. Trouble he can’t know about.
My mom: *Leaning in to hear me better* What kind of trouble?
There’s a good chance that I might be pregnant.
My mom: ~Oh no….please tell me your not serious~ *looking down at my tear stained face* who did this to you?
A friend of Lizzie’s.
My mom: Does he have a name?
Ethan Craft.
My mom: I’m going to call this Lizzie and have her come over here.
No! She would go and talk to the guy to make sure it was the truth!
My mom: Well is it?
I’m afraid it is. I went to the free clinic yesterday after school and they did a test on me to see what was wrong.
My mom: And that’s when you found out?
*Shaking my head* No. I won‘t know until tomorrow.
My mom: How far along do you think you might be,if in fact you learn that what you have to face is the 'worst case scenario?'
Not even a month.
My mom: What are you going to do when you find out what might be going on?
I don’t KNOW! I’m still trying to get over the whole mess that happened around this time last month!
My mom: Well I think I need to go back downstairs before the food gets cold. If you feel like coming down later when he’s elsewhere I’ll save you a plate in the microwave.
My mom: Not a problem. Now try to keep your thoughts happy.
I’ll do what I can. *at that she is gone*

*Manages to slip out of the house without being spotted by dad and heads over to the space over the garage occupied by someone who might be able to help. When she sees me looking like I will die if I don‘t find someone to talk to she asks me in and banishes Willa from the place they are currently sharing then leads me into her bedroom….by that I mean the one my stepsister is using and all but pushes me down on the bed while sitting down opposite me*

Megan: Okay spill it. Why are you here?
I’m in big trouble. You remember the party last month?
Megan: What about it?
Remember when I went missing for a little while?
Megan: Again…..what about it?
Well it turns out that I left the party with something other than a few burgers and some other food…..’in the oven’.
Megan: You better be talking about something other than what I think you are talking about….
I wish I was…and there is a chance that I might be. The free clinic I went to before I came home said they‘d let me know tomorrow about the test they did when I was there.
Megan: And….?
Its possible that there is a chance that I’m pregnant.
Megan: You know he’ll kill you if he finds out.
Tell me something I don’t know already.

Megan: Sorry. So who’s the suspected ‘daddy to be?’
The boyfriend of that gal who gave me and a few choice others grief.
Megan: Does she know?
*Shakes my head* Only mom knows….so don’t say anything okay?
Megan: Deal. Promise me one thing though.
And that would be….?
Megan: When he kills you….make it so that your will states I get your cd collection and your stereo. They would look good in here.
No chance of that happening.
Megan: Seriously though….do you think you wanna confront the guy yet?
No not yet. Let me see what might happen when and by that I guess I mean ‘if’ I tell dad first.
Megan: Fair enough.

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Off topic

October 31st, 2005 (03:26 pm)

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hillridgerpx's Halloween party:

cardigan_anjel dressed as a devil.
desirestreet dressed as a Level 10 thief.
haneulggoom dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Crystal of the Conversion.
incendiary dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Tough Wanderer, and it suited them disturbingly well.
jh4e dressed as a pimp.
joeyrenee dressed as Donald Trump.
luna_belle dressed as a new superhero: Black Robot.
moonshinefaerie dressed as Paris Hilton.
pesh dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
simplisticgrace didn't dress up, spoilsport.
sortellisfangrl dressed as Harry S Truman.
yami_jhoney didn't dress up, spoilsport.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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...the Monster Mash. And it was a graveyard smash!

October 29th, 2005 (03:14 pm)

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*Early Monday morning/late Sunday evening flashback to the events of the previously mentioned party*
Miranda: *upon seeing my ‘costume’* Wow! Did you buy those as they are or did you have to make them by hand?
*Laughs while fluttering my ‘wings’* Nah. I was lucky enough to find them as they look. Of course it looked as if getting them home was not going to be an easy task until someone showed me that they could be folded like you would a deck chair and then snapped back into the shape they are now. What about you? I thought maybe you would opt for something different.
Miranda: Well I was going to do something other than this *at that she shrugs* if I hadn’t waited maybe I would’ve been able to. Then I remembered that none of the people that are on the guest list have seen me in this outfit so I thought ‘what the heck? Either way its cool.’
Yeah that it is.
Miranda: Anyway….you think the others are still a little bit upset at the tantrum that you threw?
Nah. They understand as I’m sure you explained what was causing it to happen.
Miranda: Yeah. Well that’s about all that we can say about this matter right now. So lets get our ‘happy faces on’ and see what we can do to make this a night that will change a lot of things and just not for us!
I second that emotion!

*Later as the party is in full swing*

Amy: *after wandering by where Miranda and I are sitting and taking a break* Wow….! Look at you two! Those wings real? ‘Cause if they are I so don’t want to be the one who gets in trouble for breaking them if I reach out and touch them ya know?
*Laughs* No its okay. They won’t break or anything. Go ahead.
Amy: Cool. So what’s the deal anyways? I thought that someone else was going to be here yet I haven’t seen him all night.
Well….*luckily someone else besides Miranda cuts off my explanation in mid sentence*
Tina: Hey….Amy right? Why don’t you give our other two ‘hostesses’ a chance to enjoy their food while you and I go see about getting you some of your own?
Amy: Cool. I was starting to get kinda hungry.
*Mouths ‘thanks’ to Tina as she walks away with our guest and she slips back to where we are sitting when Kate’s cousin has managed to secure a place in line to get some of the food*
Tina: Not a problem. I know we are….*before she can finish Miranda happens to nudge my elbow and make me spill some of my drink on the floor* What was that for?
Miranda: Um Lizzie…remember when I told you that it might not be possible for Gordo to be here?
Yeah? What about it?
*Cue the untimely entrance of the boyfriend* Gordo: Can I have a moment to talk to my girlfriend alone?
Tina/Miranda: Wow….look at that line move! I'll be back in a few Lizzie.

Gordo! What are you….
Gordo: *after sitting down in one of the empty seats which he’s first turned to face me as its at a different table* Shut up and listen to what I have to say first okay?
*Blinks* Okay….
Gordo: I’ve been doing some thinking about us….
Gordo: What did I just ask of you huh?
Gordo: Just forget it okay? Just like you can go and pretend that I wasn’t here at all when I am walking out the door. *at that he stands up and makes his way towards the doors pausing to look at me over his shoulder at which point he walks back to the table* Oh and don’t be looking for me tomorrow at school McGuire….I need some ‘space’. *after that he’s once again heading towards the door. Before he leaves he turns to look at me one more time then turns back around shaking his head as he pushes the door open and heads out into the night*

*Sighs while watching him leave then Miranda returns to talk to me. Only when she does she acts all weird*
Miranda: Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up! Time to wake up and see what is going to be the rest of your life now Lizzie! Come on rise and shine McGuire! Shower isn’t going to turn itself on you know! Nothing else is gonna magically happen for ya either! *her incessant droning finally has me reaching for the snooze button and then rolling over onto my back to stare at the ceiling until the alarm once again sets my mind towards thinking about the day ahead*

*Slightly later this wonderful morning finds me wishing that maybe the weekend had lasted a little longer. That being due to how much fun the party turned out to be. Not so much the cleanup that was the major occupation of yesterday. Even though I told myself that ‘its no big deal that my life might be at a crossroads right now….I’ve got the best darn thing going on for me right now that I could hope to have’….I really was a little bit disappointed that Gordo wasn’t in the mood to stay once he got there even though he was kind of a surprise when he did show up*

*Grabs my book bag and slides out of the half empty seat heading inside when the bus has come to a complete stop wondering what might be wrong that I don’t know about. The part that bothered me the most were the whispers that some people were quickly stopping when they saw me walk close to where they were standing then resume whatever the heck was so darn important when I was out of earshot. By the time I managed to get to my locker and see the note that was taped to it much like the one which Kate left me my heart is somewhere near my stomach*

*Rather than take any longer than I need to solve this problem I snatch the envelope from the front of my locker and then slip it into one of my books to read later. After that’s done I grab the dial of my locker between two fingers on my right hand and open it once the combination has been dialed in. The minute I do I almost wish I hadn’t as the second letter that was placed in there slips out and lands face up near one of my shoes. Unlike the one which was probably just a ‘thank you’ from the party Saturday night this one is one which will probably be one that makes things a little different than what I need them to be right now. As if the telltale traces of handwriting that are as unmistakable as what mine are didn’t give away the fact that its from Gordo. Letting the letter lay there for a few seconds longer turns out to be a mistake as a passerby takes one look at where it is laying then looks at me and silently mouths ‘I hope you feel better after a good cry’. Scant seconds before the first bell rings I manage to muster enough courage to pick the letter up and slip it into the smallish pile of books that I’ve gathered prior to heading off to class*

*Study hall finds me in another one of those flashbacks like I went through during ‘dreamtime’*

[this part is being told from Tinas p.o.v.]

And then the princess who was so distraught over the loss of the beloved prince and her father in the same day took the sword which had been used to behead her fiancée and sliced off her own head by setting it between 2 low hanging branches and then riding her horse beneath the same branches that held the weapon. *at that I fold up the story and then place it back in my pocket*
Miranda: Aww how sad….just like Romeo and Juliet.
Lizzie: Way tragic. Which made it perfect for this kind of night. Now then! Who wants to hear her tell it again? *surprisingly no one raises their hands yet something else does act to draw my attention. That being the sudden materialization of a book that slams softly down onto my lap and jars me back into the real world* [and now back to the regularly scheduled portion of our story]

Study hall [vulture] teacher: MISS McGuire….

*Gulps* Hello….is there a problem?
Study hall [vulture] teacher: Not especially for me that is. However can we say the same about you?
Sorry. I was just thinking about something that happened this weekend. At the Halloween party that I was running.
Study hall [vulture] teacher: Ah yes. I heard that you had a great turn out. However I do believe that such matters are ones which only serve to interrupt what it is we strive to accomplish here in these hallowed halls. That being said try not to let your mind wander too much okay? We need you here with the rest of us.

~By the time the end of the day rolls around its very obvious [well to me anyways] that my fate as far as whatever I had with Gordo is either totally over or its on what might turn out to be the ‘last leg of the trip to being the end of the road’~ *And as I suspected the bus ride home didn’t do much to make me forget about the ’letter’ that I tucked into my stack of take home books along with the other envelope. Rather it made me even more curious about what the one that was inside my locker along with the other one was about. After walking into the house and then going through the usual motions with my mom which included shuffling upstairs when we were done with our usual chatter….is right around the time that I decided that there was no need to be so worked up over a silly little envelope that probably meant nothing anyways. So much so that I set it up near my computer monitor and just walked away from it heading downstairs to go and do something else that would help me think less about this matter*

Mom I’m gonna go to the Digital Bean is that okay?
Mom: Sure sweetie. *after pausing for a second* Wait….is there something that you might want to talk to me about? Miranda’s mother called while you were at school and she told me that her daughter said something happened at the party Saturday. Would you rather talk about it with me here?

No….I kinda promised myself that I was going to put what happened out of my mind. ~At least for as long as I can avoid looking at that letter upstairs that is~ So it would kind of seem silly to go and talk about it right now don’t you think?
Mom: Yes maybe it would. Well enjoy yourself and make sure to call me in case you eat something while you’re there. Wouldn’t want you to come home and say that you’re not hungry because you ate thereby wasting the food that was set aside for you when I made dinner.

Gotcha mom. Don’t worry I will. *which is about where the conversation ends as I’m heading out the door and walking towards my destination after shutting said backdoor and leaving the yard*

*Slightly later*

Yeah talk to you when you get here Miranda. Bye. *Clicks off the phone after she does and pockets the cell before stepping up to the counter to see if the person that I did intend to talk to rather than my mother is both here and working. Luckily its not long of a wait before someone manages to give me the help which I desire*

Manager: I’m sorry. She’s not working today. I thought maybe she might need the time off after I worked her so hard when her and her sister got back from their little road trip. If you like I could give her the message that you were here when she gets in tomorrow and then she can decide what she might want to do. Is that okay with you miss McGuire?
Actually I could save us both some trouble by going over to where they live and talking to them in person. ~Yeah I could do that and then leave Miranda hanging when she gets here. Which would no doubt make her mad at me.~ Probably after my friend gets here though. She was going to meet me here.

Manager: Or you could do that. Either way is not a problem for me. That being said what would you like in the way of some liquid refreshment?
*Laughs* Just my usual.
Manager: Okay then. I’ll have Willa bring it to you when its ready.
Thanks. *Meanders over to the couch and flops down waiting for Miranda. Which is not a long wait as she slides in the door not more than
5 minutes after I sit down and close my eyes to think about what has happened to me thus far today*

Miranda: Hey you….what was the big emergency?
Wasn’t really one. Just thought maybe we could talk about some things that we didn’t get a chance to as we were cleaning this place yesterday.
Miranda: Well normally I would agree with you. Just one problem though. My reason for agreeing to meet you here was kinda included in the real reason I went out of my way to journey here.
Oh? What’s going on then?
Miranda: I was planning to meet Gordo here.
*Blinks* I see. Well then there really isn’t any need for me to stay here until he arrives now is there. I’ll call you after?

Miranda: Lizzie….wait.
Sorry can’t. Got something I need to do. *Stands up and heads to the counter to fetch my drink and have it switched over to a to go cup since I now need some ’space of my own’. After walking outside I pause long enough to inform my mom of my recently revised plans and click the phone off when she tells me that its not a big deal for me to do what I am about to do. Even though she says that I know she was lying*

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Table of Contents

October 29th, 2005 (01:54 pm)

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Okay,this is whats known as an 'out of character post',where much of what I'm posting here..has been seen previously. And its being done so people can understand 'Whos Who'

Elizabeth Brooke 'Lizzie' McGuire:

Oldest child of one Sam and Jo McGuire. Girlfriend of the 'male lead' in these stories. Aspires to be unlike she was in middle school.

David Zephyr 'Gordo' Gordon:

Former 'smartest kid in his class' at his old middle school. Looks like his trend is continuing,since hes the leader of one of the best study groups in his new digs. Boyfriend of Lizzie. Keeper of the key to her heart.

Miranda Isabella Sanchez:

Tough talking rebel who never lets anyone who push her around,when its coming from her circle of peers who look down on her for not being more 'popular.' '3rd Amigo' from the trio that has been together since middle school,and prior to that time. Harbors a secret crush on Lizzies boyfriend.

Albertina 'Tina' Vargas [formerly Romero] :

Introverted,haunted by the specters of her past. Remembered next to nothing about her life before she was adopted from a neglectful mother. Suffered a nervous breakdown when she found out her 'dad' was divorcing her mother. Later found out the truth about her early childhood,which she had forgotten.

Margaret Marissa 'Megan' Vargas [formerly Romero] :

A wild child dreamer who found herself

Was also abandonded by a neglectful mother [though not by choice,as was the case for her younger sister]. Oldest child of Vivian and Emerson Romero. 45 minute older fraternal twin of Daniel Ezra Romero. Unwed mother of Samantha Vargas [never known as Romero]. Raped at 14-15 while in a mental hospital under suicide watch. Former girlfriend/fiancee of Rocco [deceased,the boyfriend/finacee]. Recent high school graduate-adult ed. 'Worker drone' [read general laborer] at 'The Digital Bean'

Kate Sanders:

Likened to 'Cruella De Ville' [at least not where SHE can hear it]
Cheerleader co captain of the now Varsity Squad at the new school she rules over,since she is one of the popular people [or so she thinks,as it pertains to the 'ruling the school nonsense']. Off and on girlfriend of one of the other males in the 'cast' Ethan Craft [note-he is rarely seen since I can't find a way to write for him...too busy]. Head of the 'self proclaimed best study group in the school.' Has recently tried to make amends with Lizzie and the rest of the gang she looked down on in the past,by default. Time will tell if she succeeds.

Daniel Ezra Romero:

Middle child of Vivian&Emerson Romero. Raised by his paternal grandparents after his birth mother realized she couldn't keep her precious miracles,since she was a single working [lower middle class] parent. Home schooled and working on his law degree [online graduate school/distance education]. Former guardian of his sisters only child.

Jo McGuire:

Lizzie,Matt&Isabellas mom. Recently widowed. Doing what she can to make sure that there are no more mishaps for her oldest,and hoping that her youngest will see that she has the best mom/older sister in the world.

Well...thats about all the 'main characters' that I have used from time to time. I'll update this from time to time,when I get more of the info I stashed on another site I made.

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They did the Mash...

October 28th, 2005 (09:04 pm)

current mood: drained

Friday morning finds me hard at work getting everything set in motion for later:

Willa: All set to finish the streamers on this end
Since thats the case Willa….bring me the other end of that black streamer will you?
Willa: Hang on a sec or two Megan. You have the tack to secure it right?
Yep. *after she hands it to the other person helping on this task and its tacked down,afterwards,the friend hands the rest of the streamer to Willa,so she can begin to walk with it,twisting it so that it conforms to the planned shape that it is going to take*
Willa: *after reaching the other end of the room,where I am of course* Here ya go Megan.
Thanks. *at that,its my turn to tack this end of the last streamer that we have to hang into place,sliding down from the ladder once its mission accomplished* Okay,thats done,now what should we tackle before taking a break?

Willa: Your choice really. We’re pretty much ahead of schedule for the time being. Since this party is the brainchild of Lizzie and her other friends along with my sister its really under your control how much we do right now and how much is left for the 4 of you to accomplish
True. Though I don’t know if Lizzie is going to be in the mood to want to do anything when she gets here

Willa: Why? Is she not feeling good or something?
*Shrugs* She’s in a weird mood. Tina told me she was earlier when I talked to her during lunch at school anyway
Willa: Well I hope its not something that happened because of what Tina might’ve done,wait why would you think that your sister had something to do with what was bugging Lizzie?

Tina has been kinda strung out since that incident back in Malibu. Something happened to her that was….well I don’t know if I should say anymore,since you witnessed the worst part of it
Willa: If its about something after she gained the bandage she's been sportin' since we got back,maybe you shouldn't. I know that you don’t like to discuss ‘personal issues’ and I don’t see why you should if its something that is a private matter then it should stay that way

Well! This isn’t getting anything done. So why don’t we get back to work on the decorations huh? ‘Idle hands’ and all that nonsense

Slightly later as Lizzie and the aforementioned sister arrive to give us a hand:

Tina: Hi guys. Well this place is starting to look spooky. Mind if I lend a hand with getting the ‘atmosphere’ improved in this place?
Megan/Willa: Knock yourself out Tina. Lizzie? You feel up to helping or do you wanna just sit back and relax?

Lizzie: *Snappishly* Just show me what you want me to do okay?
Megan: *Blinks* Um would you guys excuse me for a minute? I think I need to talk to Lizzie outside
Willa/Tina: Go right ahead. We can handle things in here while you’re gone

Megan: Okay. *Looks at Lizzie for a second then heads outside hoping she will join me so I can attempt to find out what happened after she cut me off at school earlier which is exactly what she wants to avoid when we get outside*

Lizzie: Okay. WHAT was so important that I had to come out here to talk about it?
*Holds up a hand traffic cop style* First of all what is with the ‘who cares about anything’ attitude?
Lizzie: Nothing. Look do you want me to help with the decorations or not? If so I fail to see how being out here and flapping my lips making noise with you is getting that task done!
*Sighs* Lizzie….I don’t know what’s wrong…
Lizzie: That’s right. You don’t

I want to though,so could you please TELL ME what happened after you finished talking to Tina during lunch at school! And don’t try to say ‘nothing’. Because we both know that ‘nothing’ wouldn’t be making you act this way!
Lizzie: FINE. I had a fight with Gordo okay! You HAPPY now? My boyfriend is thinking about dumping me and I’m supposed to care about a stupid Halloween party!
*Blinks taken aback* WHAT?!? When did this happen?

Lizzie: *Fighting the urge to start crying* Yesterday during study hall. He slipped me a note via Tina and he told me that we need to take things a little slower as he feels that I’m trying to rush him into doing things he doesn’t want to

That doesn’t sound like Gordo….
Lizzie: I know! That’s why when I told him….’if we go any slower this relationship that we have might stall like a car that idles too long’. That’s when HE told me ‘well maybe we SHOULD let the relationship stall.’
~Something very ‘not right’ is going on here.~ Lizzie….? What else did he say?

Lizzie: He thinks I don’t appreciate him! He wants me to prove that I care about him in a way that’s more ‘intense’ than what we did the last time!
~Now I know that something weird is going on~ Well are you going to?
Lizzie: I don’t know! What do you think I should do?

I think whatever you decide to do….you better be sure that its something that you want to do and are willing to do. Before that though you need to talk to someone who might be better equipped to handle such a problem as this one. I don’t know enough to be of much use to you in this situation and we both know it

Lizzie: But who should I talk to? I know I can’t go to my mom on this one! She will just be waiting for me with a big speech!
Well if you know that your mom is the wrong person I’m guessing that you would also not be thinking about going to your dad right?
Lizzie: *Nods*
Well there must be someone you could talk to...what about Miranda?
Lizzie: Now I know part of the reason why the group keeps you around. You always seem to have the answers to my problems when I can’t think straight

*Laughs slightly* Gonna come a time when I’m going to be too busy to help you all the time McGuire and we both know that day might not be very far away
Lizzie: I know. And don’t think I haven’t been trying not to ‘run to everyone else to solve all my problems’ like I used to in the past. True I do still need some help in situations like this one….but other than that I can take care of myself

Yeah I know. Things have changed for a lot of us. Even Tina,and not too long ago
Lizzie: Yeah?
Yeah. Don’t wanna say much because it was a personal thing you know? All I will say is that something happened,something to do with her ending up with the bandage that she's sporting on her right wrist
Lizzie: Well that’s a given. Just wish she would open up to us some more and maybe tell us how things were where she lived before moving here
I thought she did talk to you about that right after she moved here?
Lizzie: Oh yeah. I must’ve forgotten about it
Well obviously. Now come on. We better get back in there and help those guys get the rest of the decorations for the party taken care of
Lizzie: *Giggling and following me* Yeah. Guess we better. They might think we ran off and left them to do all the work or something

Back inside about 5 minutes later:

Tina: You sure you guys don’t mind if I take a break?
All of the rest of us: No go right ahead
Tina: Okay. Um….could someone give me a hand with this? I think I need to change the bandages again
Megan/Willa: Well if we weren’t all busy….
I’ll do it
Tina: You sure you wanna McGuire?
*Small shrug* No not really. But since the others are all busy with getting the rest of the decorations set up don’t look like either one of us has much of a choice in the matter

Tina: Okay. But if you have to hurl please make sure that you don’t do it anywhere near the wrist okay?
Promise. *at that she pulls back the slightly bloodied bandages* ~I think I’m gonna be….~
Tina: *Noticing my discomfort* I tried to warn you….
Yes you did. Its okay. I’m fine. So what do I do here?
Tina: All you have to do clean around the stitches then help me wrap the stitches with the gauze. I can handle the rest of it on my own
That sounds easy. So how did this happen if you don’t mind my asking?

Tina: Not here okay. Maybe after this party is over. And please don’t ask me anything more about it until then okay?
Sure. Well I’m done how did I do?
Tina: Just fine
Thanks. Well I think I’ll go help the others some more now. Let me know if you need my help again okay?
Tina: Yeah sure. No problem

Megan: Just in time Lizzie. Here. *At that she hands me a sack filled with orange and black balloons*
What am I supposed to….? Oh yeah. Duh. Balloons
Megan: Yep. And instead of using all your ‘hot air’ I got a small helium tank for them. Actually Kate did. So don’t worry about being ‘out of breath’
Cool. Wait….why would….
Megan: I don’t know either and I’m not gonna try to figure it out. I’m just going to keep busy getting everything ready
Works for me!

Roughly 25 minutes later:

Well that was fun. Wait….why are you guys laughing?
Megan: Did you accidentally inhale some of the gas? ‘Cause it sounds that way!
Oh. Hopefully it’ll wear off before the party. Speaking of which do you think we have everything just about done here? I have to go back home and get my outfit together for the party. Or did I already bring it with me? Crud. I bet I didn’t. I might’ve left in such a hurry to first get home and then get over here I forgot some of it

Megan: Lizzie relax. We have about *quickly checking her watch* 4 hours until we are supposed to get the party started. You have time to go and get the rest of it together. You can change when you get back

Okay. Cool. Um….do me a favor will you?
Willa: Whatcha need?
If Gordo shows up looking for me don’t tell him I was here?
Willa: Sure. Not thinking that he might be here I take it? Hoping that he is here and maybe he has had a chance to think things over?
Kinda halfway in between both of them
Willa: He’s probably forgotten all about the fight by now. If there was one that is. You know how he is

Yeah. Should by now huh? Well I don’t see how this is getting me ready for what will be going on later so I better get myself in gear and go and get my ‘costume’ together. Be back as soon as I can. *which is the last thing that I have time to say before Miranda hustles me out the door so I can make good on my promise*

*After walking back in and heading into the kitchen*

Finally! I thought she was going to be here forever! Okay how’s the food preparation coming?
Willa: Everything is right on schedule
Good. Well I think I’ll go back out and start setting out the stuff that is supposed to go around the punchbowl and some of the other assorted things that have to be done while you guys finish up in here
Willa/Tina: Cool. Think you might need an extra set of hands? Boss said she was already out there making sure that the punch was getting mixed and she might be willing to do something else when she gets done with that

We’ll see when I get back out there. *unfortunately she doesn’t get much farther than the door before seeing someone walk into the main portion of the Digital Bean through one of the small ‘portholes’ in the swinging doors* Oh crud what is she doing here so soon?
Willa/Tina: What’s wrong?
Not really sure. But I think maybe I should go and find out
Willa/Tina: Okay

Main portion of the Digital Bean:

Your early. Is there something wrong?
Amy: Nah. Not really. Just thought maybe I’d see about having a look at how the decorating is progressing. Wow cool! You guys got all this done by yourselves?!?
Yeah. We’ve been working since about 11 this morning. So you think maybe you’ll stay or are you pressed for time?
Amy: Nah. Got things to do before later. Unless of course you need me to maybe lend a hand real quick? If not I gotta motor and get my other errands finished
We got it covered for now
Amy: Cool. Well I’ll be back later. *and after that she too is gone and I head back into the kitchen*

*After stepping out of the way of the swinging door and then glancing at my watch* Crud!

Willa/Tina: What’s wrong?
Its almost 5 is what’s wrong!
Willa/Tina: Oh
Hope we get everything finished in time
Willa/Tina: Relax,I'm sure the food is going to be okay,and we have very little left to do in the way of decorations...we'll finish on time
Okay. See you guys in a little bit. *then just like that I’m on my way out so

Slightly later:

Hey Tina you got a sec? Needed to ask you something real quick
Tina: *Wiping her hands off and then sliding onto a stool on the other side of the counter* What’s up?

Well you know how I might’ve mentioned to Miranda that things were kind of not ‘okay’ with you earlier?
Tina: Yeah….so what does that have to do with….right now?
Well I think maybe you should tell a reworked version of your ‘accident’ as a scary story later on. That sound okay to you?

Tina: You know….that just might be a way for me to have some fun and let loose some of what has been making things tense for more than just me lately
So you’ll do it?
Tina: *Small shrug* Sure. Why not? You want me to maybe write up what I remember in a different format first?
That might be even better. Tell ya what. Willa and I will keep an eye on the food for about oh….10 minutes or so. That going to be enough time or do you need more?

Tina: Actually….25 minutes might be better. I haven’t really got much practice doing something like this you know. Wait…! I could add some of the ‘dream’ into it. Or maybe that would be too much
Yeah it might

Tina: Then I’ll just write out the ‘motel room’ event and make do with that

Cool. Now get to work
Tina: Gotcha

*Right afterwards she sits down at one of the tables farthest away from the door so she can write without interruptions. Which is a good thing as Lizzie slips back in shortly after Tina begins her task*

Sorry I took so long. My mom was just finishing up helping me by putting part of my ‘costume’ in a separate bag as I was getting in the door at home. Luckily for me she had already managed to select some other stuff and place it in a travel bag so I could bring it with me
Megan/Willa: Its cool. Oh,the boss told me to tell you that you could just leave your makeup bag in the bathroom or you could set it in the office

Cool. Um….so what should I do with my clothes?
Megan: Hmm. Well we can’t have them hanging in the bathroom unwatched. Tell ya what. Why don’t you put both larger bags in the office along with the smaller one. That way we know that they are in a safe place
Sounds good to me. Then what?
Megan: THEN you get to help us finish preparing some of the food that we will be putting on the table on the end opposite where the punchbowl is already sitting
Sounds like you guys have this all worked out already

Megan: Yeah well….we have to make sure that there are no mishaps like the last time when a private party was held here
Oh I know what ya mean. So where’s Tina? Did she leave or something?
Megan: Nah. She’s writing a ‘ghost story’ for later. Its gonna be a good one from what she told me after she got started. So don’t go over there where she is sitting okay? She needs to have total concentration so she can get it finished

Gotcha. Well I better get this done so I can get back and help you guys. Oh wait! Did Gordo show up while I was gone?
Megan/Willa: Nope. Gordo? Who is that?
Darn. Well if he does show up let me know ahead of time okay? In case I have to do a ‘quick disappearing act’
Willa: Why would you have to do that?
We had a fight and I’m sure that dragging it out any further tonight would be a way to go and ruin the fun we have planned for tonight ya know what I’m saying?

Megan/Willa: No arguments there. Now hurry it up will ya? Its getting late and we need to get busy so we can keep to the schedule!
Gotcha. *Slips into the office and sets all the bags down on the floor so I can remember where they are before heading back out into the Digital Bean itself*

*Walks back into the kitchen area and grabs one of the pans that has the black and orange wrapped silverware heading out into the main portion of the ‘dungeon’ pausing at every table to drop off at least 4 sets of silverware 2 orange and 2 black*

~This is so cool! I never thought it was going to be so much fun to be right in on the ground floor of something like this!~

*Watches the front door area out of the corner of my eye every chance I get hoping that someone will walk through it and offer to help* ~Funny I thought maybe someone other than Miranda would be here by now
Oh well if someone doesn’t want to show up then what makes me think that I can just cause it to happen by using my mind to force him to show up then say that maybe he was wrong for what he said to me yesterday~ *Smiles as I head back into the kitchen for something else to place on the tables when the pan which is holding the silverware is emptied* Hey guys! Mmm….food sure is starting to smell good in here!

Megan: Yeah. We thought it would be okay if we went ahead and made some chili in case people don’t want regular hot dogs. That okay with you McGuire?
Not a problem here. So what all are we having in the way of food anyways? I know that we made some suggestions as far as the menu is concerned then left it up to you guys as to what was actually going to be prepared

Megan: Well we thought we’d go with some easy stuff. You know like what you’d find around a campfire? Just the standards. Hamburgers and hot dogs along with the fixings that anyone might want. Instead of opting for candy and other stuff we thought we’d get some marshmallows and graham crackers along with some semi sweet chocolate bars and let the guests make smores. Plus we got a cake and you saw the punch that was being made
You know….that sounds like it was a good idea you guys had. The campfire theme. Good thing we did include someone else in the decision process
Willa: Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the others would appreciate a suggestion from someone who’s not part of the usual group

Megan: Oh don‘t worry about it Willa. My friends and I including Tina don’t feel that we have all the answers and appreciate when someone helps us out when we need such a favor. Just as long as they allow us to repay them when its required you know a favor for a favor….we listen to whatever someone offers and then decide as a group what to do or we decide on our own if the situation requires it

Well what do you want me to do now? The tables have been prepared and I don’t have anything else to do you know?
Well you could take a turn stirring the chili while I go and get started on the next batch of ‘burgers
Cool. I can handle that. Um….when should I go and change for the party?
Soon as Miranda gets here or someone else arrives to give us a hand
Lizzie: Including Tina?

Yeah including her. Since the other guy who works here was given the night off its just me and Willa along with my boss and another gal holding down the fort. And as you can see its taking at least 3 of us at any given time to handle the food preparations
Lizzie: Yeah. Sorry about that
No big deal. Now keep stirring!

*5 minutes or so later after dropping my ‘story’ off in the same office that is being used as a coat room/costume storage area* Hey guys! Need a hand in here?

Me/Willa: Actually we could use someone to help Lizzie out so she will stop asking ‘is it time for me to start getting ready yet?’
Tina: Sounds like I can handle that. Um….what am I supposed to do anyway?

Lizzie: Well you could help me out by taking over with the chili stirring while I go and retouch my makeup. Since I’m already wearing the clothes that are part of my ‘costume’ when I get that small matter out of the way I’m ready to get back to work
Tina: Cool. Doesn’t sound like I have to worry about getting anything near the stitches. When she gets back what should I do then?
Megan: When Lizzie gets back on chili detail you can help me out by cutting a few onions for the burgers. Or making the smaller pieces of onion for the hot dogs. Your choice

Tina: Okay. Still not seeing anything I can’t handle. Give me something to wear to keep my clothes clean and I’m all set

*While I’m out in the bathroom getting myself refreshed Miranda slides into the area beside me and waits for me to finish with what I’m doing before clearing her throat* What’s up?
Miranda: Well I got good news and I got bad news. Which do you want first?

Um….good news?

Miranda: In that case I think you might want to hear this then. I was talking with Gordo when I was on my way back here and he told me that there was no need for you to feel like he was mad at you anymore
~Okay liking this so far~ Is that it?
Miranda: Well not exactly. There is still the matter of the bad with the good remember?

*Raises one eyebrow as if asking ‘okay why am I suddenly expecting something that is gonna be major bad news?’ So spill it. What’s the other half?
Miranda: He also wanted me to tell you that he wasn’t sure if he was going to come to the party tonight
What? Did he say why?
Miranda: Not really. But I kinda got the impression that he had other plans

*Sighs* I see. Well no sense worrying about it ya know? Hand me a tissue will you? This is so not my color of blush
Miranda: Um Lizzie you gonna be okay?
*Blinks* Yeah. Just peachy. Now if you don’t mind I have a date with a chili pot and a spoon. *Before she can ask me again what might be wrong I’m shoving past her slightly and heading back to the kitchen*

*Watches as Lizzie walks back into the kitchen and just stands there hovering by where I am standing* Yeah?
Lizzie: You gonna hog the chili stirring all night or do I get a turn again sometime soon?

~Okay….what happened to her between here and the bathroom?~ Um sure. Not like there aren’t….*watches her all but take off a couple of my fingers as she reclaims the ladle and pushes me aside slightly roughly* Well sorry! Next time I’ll let the stupid chili stick to the bottom of the pan!
Megan: Okay Lizzie? First of all that wasn’t very nice to my sister. Second. DON’T do it again. You could have accidentally caused her to pull out a stitch or two when you shoved her like you did

Lizzie: Not my fault she can’t get out of my way fast enough now is it?
Megan: *grabbing a towel and wiping her hands off as she continues to watch Lizzie* Okay can I talk to you outside of here for a minute MISS McGuire?
Lizzie: Fine by me
Megan: You 2 going to be okay in here by yourselves?
Me/Willa: We got it covered. Go and straighten this mess out if there is one to be dealt with that is

*Slightly out of earshot of the kitchen doors*

Okay WHAT is your problem? First you show up here in a grumpy mood which disappears when we put you to work. Then when you go and get the rest of your outfit for the party you seem to have brought the ‘sour patch Lizzie’ attitude with you again!

*Before Lizzie can try to say anything in her defense Miranda walks out of the bathroom in her ‘costume’*
Miranda: I’m afraid its my fault this time. I told Lizzie that it looked like Gordo might not be coming to the party and it clearly upset her. So if you have to blame someone blame me and not her
*Shakes my head* First of all I’m not blaming anyone for anything. I’m just more concerned about what Lizzie said earlier. About how she didn’t want any ‘bad blood/moods’ ruining tonight
Lizzie: *Looking down at her feet slightly* Sorry

Its okay. Not like you intended for your boyfriend to not be here. Do you want to maybe have a few minutes to get your thoughts back in a ‘happy place’?

Lizzie: What about Miranda? She can’t….well look at what she’s wearing! She gets something on that and its ruined!
Miranda: Oh hush. It’ll be fine if I don’t stir the chili. I’m sure they can use me for something else while you think about something. Go on and take a break. Do something. Just try to get out of this bad mood okay?
Lizzie: Promise

Over by the cash register area a couple of minutes later:

My boss: You okay McGuire?
Not really. Hit me with a pineapple smoothie
My boss: Um how about something that won’t ruin your appetite for the party food instead
Like what?

My boss: How about some punch? I’m sure that there is more of that than even you could drink
Doubt it
My boss: Boyfriend troubles huh?
You got it
My boss: Want to talk about it or would you rather just think about something else?
*Small shrug* Nothing to talk about. We hit a ‘speed bump’ is all. Everything will probably be okay after this weekend

My boss: Okay I suppose that’s probably what is going to happen. *at that she hands me a plastic cup and I head over to where the punchbowl is sitting then head back towards the kitchen taking small sips from time to time on my way back* Thanks
My boss: Not a problem

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October 28th, 2005 (05:57 pm)

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~Life pretty much fell into the old routine that I’d been in before we moved out of Malibu. Well for the time being it did.

Then things started to happen,things which reminded me of the way they had been before I was relocated [from the standpoint that I disliked] from my old home town~

Kate: *Standing by her locker talking to her boyfriend about something which happened on the weekend* I told you Ethan! Lizzie and her brother ruined the new sweater that I was wearing at the party! That’s why I didn’t feel like wearing it today! I swear, sometimes I wonder why we even agreed to give each other another chance!

*While I am standing there and getting books out of my locker, she happens to glance to where I am and sees me. Hmmm…. maybe that’s not totally right. What she did was more like glance in my general direction because she heard a little of the music playing from my now lowered headphones before I hit the pause,rewind then stop buttons..the end result of those actions being how I usually shut the player off, then turned back to what she was doing a barely audible snort escaping her pink frosted mouth. Too bad, for me, the conversation didn’t end there*

Well we all have things that go wrong for us at one point or another in our lives. Me,I would have thought by now, the office would’ve seen the error of their ways, and given me a different locker But no, that didn’t happen. Just like, I’m not complaining about who I am 2 lockers away from, non-stop, like someone else who I don’t have to name directly

Kate: Well at least I have a life that’s interesting, to talk about. And as usual, you just happen to be jealous of that fact, same as the rest of your loser friends

*Chuckles slightly after shutting the door of my locker* Thought we discussed that as well. Or did you forget already? I suppose you did forget how I mentioned, and you agreed, that the only reason you babble so much about how bad things are for me, and the rest of my studygroup, is because you are jealous of how well our study habits allow the group to do on tests, when you and the rest of your study group seem to be at the lower end of the grading curve when our tests are handed back

Kate: That changes nothing and you know it. Your group isn’t at the top of the food chain in other matters that are as equally important. And if I have anything to say about it, none of your lady friends will ever be a threat to me on the cheerleading squad

Like I would care about such a silly after school activity
Kate: Which makes perfect sense, as the only kind of life you have outside of school is none

*Sighs while walking away slowly* you know I have things that take up my time. As such, what I do when I’m not within these walls is none of your business. Now if you don’t mind I have other things to do

Kate: *whispering to her man just before I get out of earshot* See I told you she would walk away before we saw her start to cry. If we’re lucky she won’t be a burden to us for much longer. Her family might take pity on her for how she acts, but that doesn’t mean it’s a concern for any of us that she would be better off anywhere besides where she can be with her real mom who isn’t even capable of taking care of herself

~Yeah, and luckily for the two of them, that’s as far as she was willing to take things, for now. Too bad that’s not as far as I was willing to go, after I heard what she said~ *Stops dead in my tracks and turns to look at the pair of them before walking the short distance back to where the now closed locker of my ‘friend’ is* Okay…. you had better take that back within the next five seconds….

Kate: Or?

Or this…. *which was when I pushed her against the locker and stood there, hoping she wouldn’t follow my advice. Soon as I didn’t get what I wanted, I started leaning on the midriff section of her body, as that was where I’d dropped my hands, doing what I could to press not only her spine into the locker, I was also able to cause the back of her bra to press up against it as well. At the first slight yelp of pain, her boyfriend went off and told someone what was going on. That other person was the one who turned out to be responsible for the next authority figure on the scene*

Ms. Ungermeyer: Well now, this is an interesting site. And by that I mean one that I will not allow in my school. If you would be so kind as to take you hands off Ms. Sanders, we can deal with this problem a bit more peaceful. Wouldn’t you agree, Ms. Vargas?

I suppose. *Which was when I did what she wanted. Too bad I wasn’t in the mood to let her start getting to the bottom of this, in the way that would make things better for not just me*

Ms. Ungermeyer: Now then, what started this whole thing?

Kate: *Wincing because of how I made her feel* I know I didn’t start anything. I was talking to Ethan when that little psycho shoved me against my locker and tried to cripple me

*Blinks* Tell a lie often Kate?
Kate: See? She acts like she didn’t do anything wrong!
Ms. Ungermeyer: While its well and good that we get some of this matter out in the open, declaring your innocence is hardly the way to make sure that both sides of the story get heard now isn’t it?
Me/Kate: No ma’am

Ms. Ungermeyer: Good. Now, since its obvious that the 2 lockers in question are so close to one another, is there any chance that this problem could have been avoided?

Kate: It could have, if someone would have bothered to turn off the garbage that I heard coming out of her cd player,a little faster.
*Snorts* What I was listening to is no more likely to be considered ‘garbage’ than what you were whining about to your boy toy

Ms. Ungermeyer: Okay, do I have to take you both down to my office?
Kate: Don’t see why I would have to be in such a place, since the only person guilty in this matter isn’t me

Ms. Ungermeyer: While you seem to be convinced that might be so, its clear that you did antagonize her by bringing matters into the discussion that didn’t belong to such a conversation
Kate: So? I’m not saying that I didn’t ‘egg her on’, and I’m not saying I did force her into action. I was simply defending my right to talk to someone, and then that little psychopath shoves me against my locker and tries to crush my stomach!

Yeah, and you know something Kate? What you just said, well part of it anyway, applies to me as well. Right along with what I should’ve done to begin with, and left it at that. *Which was when I took advantage of the fact that I had nothing to lose, by reaching out and lightly slapping my antagonist on the side of the face. That little action almost made what happened next to me, worthwhile*

Ms. Ungermeyer: Ms. Vargas! March yourself down to my office…. now! And rest assured that your parents are going to know all about what happened today, as your little action just now earned them the right to know. I hope you feel what you just did was worth it, because when I am done with you; today is going to be the last day this week you are in school! And I hope that your ‘vacation’ pales in comparison to what your parents might have in store for you! *Which is exactly the way things turned out being, when all was said and done at school*

My dad: What in the world were you thinking Albertina?!?
*Snorts* She had it coming! She called my music garbage! And she compared me to my mom whos spending her best years in a padded room!
My dad: That’s not an excuse for what you did to her and you know it. So what?
My dad: Go up to your room. Whatever
My dad: Don’t expect me to go easy on you after I’ve discussed this with your mother
Like I care. *Which was when I did indeed make my way to my room, falling on my bed and I flipped myself over and just lay there, not caring about anything. Which was the state he found me in*

My dad: What’s wrong?
I don’t like it here! That girl, the one who put me down reminds me of Summer! I want to go back to where we used to live!
My dad: We can’t do that and you know it
So what are we going to do?
My dad: Don’t know about me, but you are going to see someone I just got off the phone with. Seems one of your classmates has therapists for parents
*Eyes him warily* Not sure I like where this is heading. You were talking to that boyfriend of Lizzie’s parents weren’t you? He told me that his parents were both shrinks when we first got here

My dad: I’m sorry, but we can’t afford any more incidents like the ones, which we used to have back in Malibu. You’ve barely recovered from what happened, and you go and do something that could end up with you being taken away from here!
I’ll go and talk to them, or only one of them if that’s what you want
My dad: Good. Well I’m going to leave you be for now. Your mom is going to order something and I’m going to go and get it, is there anything that you might be in the mood for?
Whatever you decide on is okay with me
My dad: Okay. Just thought I’d check with you first. *Which was when he left*

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October 28th, 2005 (05:17 pm)

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Not another 'Manic Monday':

*Walks down the hallways towards my locker,barely bothering to take the time to notice any of the ‘little people’ who are all but falling over themselves to try and gain some small token of my appreciation and affection*

~Ah its so good to be popular. Got the best looking boy in school. In your face Lizzie McGuire! *SoT* I have a lot more people that are so willing to throw themselves in front of any kind of moving motor vehicle if I simply snap my fingers and point at them. Yes I knew that this was going to happen-lets face it….who else would be better suited to be the one bright shining star in this darkness? Lizzie McGuire? Not likely. That friend of hers Miranda? Not even close to me,but with some careful grooming,she would be way better off away from Lizzie that ‘other blonde’ is just dragging that ‘diamond in the rough’ down with her. This is going to be way better than middle school ever thought of being~

Lizzie: Hello Kate.
Funny,I thought I….oh its just Lizzie. Well hello there. How are you today? *Pats her head*
Lizzie: Oh you are so full of yourself.
And it just turns you green with envy that I’m still better than you,doesn’t it?
Lizzie: Tell me Kate….what color is the sky in your world?
LOSER. You may leave now. Or better yet,I’ll leave so I don’t have to look at you anymore.
*Walks off not caring anymore for what just happened*


~Hmm….lets see who else can I attack today? Already took Lizzie down a peg this morning,despite her attempt to one up me.
I could try to start some newer,juicier rumor about that girl from Malibu….nah. She is so a lost cause it isn’t even funny. Well darn,seems I don’t have anything to do that would make me feel better. Oh wait,maybe there is something that I can do. I haven’t focused on Gordo yet. Yeah there we go! I’ll stir the pot and make Lizzie jealous!~

*Slides down onto the seat near Gordo and leans my head on his shoulder sighing*
Gordo: Can I help you ms. Sanders?
Oh I don’t know….Ethan has been so distant lately….and here you are all by your lonesome….what do you think we should do about that situation?
Gordo: First of all….I’m with Lizzie now,you’re with ‘hairboy’. Can‘t you talk to one of your other ‘blow dryer toting buddies‘?
They don’t understand me the way you might….
Lizzie: GORDO!

Gordo: Oh! Lizzie! This is so not what it…..
Oh yes it is….! Gordo was just telling me that he wishes we had been the ones to get together,thereby leaving Ethan wide open for you.
Gordo: I never said any of that! *Stands to approach her*
Lizzie: Don’t touch me! You reek of her cheap perfume!
Cheap? This costs more than the 5 dollar knock off than you’re….!
Lizzie: Shut up peroxide head! *At that she spins on her heel and runs away*
Gordo: What the heck are you doing?
Who,little old me? Why nothing,nothing at all!
Gordo: Go away Kate.

~Mission accomplished~

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Most Wanted

October 28th, 2005 (12:10 pm)

current mood: aggravated

Early the following week:

*Walks into the house after school, lost in my own little world. That being so, due to how I kind of dropped a bombshell on my boyfriend, and my best gal friend a little while ago, before school allowed the bus to disperse us to the four winds*

Gordo: So Lizzie, we going to hook up this weekend and watch some movies at Miranda’s house, after we study?
Miranda: Actually Gordo, Lizzie asked me if we could move the study/movies to her house this weekend, and I agreed
Gordo: *Blinks* Why would you want to do that Lizzie?
*Looks over at him, grinning slightly* Because mister future husband of mine…. my parents finally decided that I could be trusted to be alone with you, after what happened over the summer!
Gordo: All right! I have been hoping this day would arrive! So when do I get to ‘stop over and spend the night?’
My parents thought it would be cool for them, if that happened Saturday. Miranda and I…. *winks at her* are going with my mom on Friday, for some shopping at the mall. Right after we get out of school. My mom is meeting us here, and taking us to said mall
Gordo: I see. Well let me know how things turn out before Saturday will you?

Later, my house:

My mom: Well hi there again Miranda! So glad you decided to take time out of your busy schedule to visit with us
Miranda: Thanks Mrs. McGuire. Um, can I call my mom and have her bring something over? The color charts which Lizzie and I were talking about as we walked in?
My mom: Go right…. wait…. are you telling me that you are going to assist in the ‘shopping trip’ Lizzie insisted she go on?
Mooooom! Please. This is hard enough with out you butting in? Besides, I thought you agreed you weren’t going to ‘gush like a school drinking fountain in someone’s mouth’, over this event?
My mom. Sorry Lizzie. Anyway, go right ahead Miranda. Lizzie would probably feel more comfortable if she talked with you, and we both helped her anyway, after dinner. You are planning to stay for dinner, right?
Miranda: *Sniffing the air* since I smell your meatloaf in the oven, guess I am at that
My mom: Well then, that’s even better. So go call your mom and have her swing by here, then you two can go talk in Lizzies’ room until dinner is finished cooking. *Which is exactly what happened, after Miranda finished with her phone call*


Well Lizzie, we might as well do a little studying.
Lizzie: Mmm yeah, studying.
Okay. Now I wonder why one of my oldest friends is acting more ‘blonde’ than usual?
Lizzie: Sorry Miranda. Just a little nervous about what this weekend means
Trust me Lizzie, I’m sure you aren’t the only one who feels that way. Even if your mom puts on a very convincing ‘oh how happy I shall be…. to watch the apple that my daughter is ripen and fall from the branch of the family tree’, act, she is probably hoping, right along with you, that this weekend isn’t the weekend you and Gordo go past ‘first base’ if you catch my drift
Lizzie: Eww…. gross me out why don’t ya Miranda?
Sorry Elizabeth…. whoops, Lizzie. Its just that…. do you really think you want to wait much longer with ‘the boy toy’ before you surrender to your teenage girl hormones and ask when he is going to do the ‘tube steak boogie’ with you?
Lizzie: Well, no. Even though he is…. *pauses closing her eyes* rather good looking and all, we would probably ruin things if we rushed into anything of that nature Miranda
Totally McGuire. *After that was when her mom poked her head in the room and then dropped the color charts off that my mom brought over, telling us that dinner would be ready within the next twenty minutes or so. Which it was*

After dinner:

Miranda: Let me get the charts out…. *holds one up to my face when she has done that* hmmm…. peach might look good. OOO! So does baby blue! Black is also good…. hrm….’primrose pink’? What do you think?
I have no idea…maybe if we dragged my mom in here so she could see them?
Miranda: Good idea. You wanna go or should I?
Could you do it? It was your idea….
Miranda: Okay. Be right back
Mom: *After being pushed into the room by Miranda* Honestly…I don‘t see what the big deal is…. just pick one of these colors except for black and you should be…. hmmm…. buttercup blue…. now that might work with the pink….
Miranda: Ya think so?
Mom: Well if she can do it that way…. it would be up to Lizzie though…. well sweetie?
I don’t know maybe all peach... *wilts under their gaze* or not honestly I can’t decide you two!
Mom: *Overacting like she's on a soap opera* She’s hopeless. Well maybe we can figure something out when we get to the store!

Friday, same week:

*Once we reach the mall and are in the store* my mom: Well do you girls think you might need my help?
Me/Miranda: No mom. Nah Mrs. McGuire. If we need anything we can ask one of the salesclerks….
my mom: Okay. Well if you need me I’ll be looking for something in one of the other stores….
Okay mom I’ll keep that in mind. And when I’m ready to pay for what I picked out…. I’ll send Miranda to get you…. if you aren’t back by then….
my mom: Such a thoughtful daughter…. have fun you 2.
Miranda: So what did you have in mind as far as…. you know…
Heck if I KNOW! Remember what happened the last time we tried to ‘adult shop’ by ourselves?
Miranda: Don’t remind me okay? We could always ask…. *before she can finish, what she was going to mention appears*

Saleswoman: Can I help you girls with anything?
Miranda: Yes. I need….
*Elbows Miranda in the ribs* Ignore her. She‘s just the ‘tag along friend with the color charts’. I need to see something in sleepwear that’s not pajamas….
Saleswoman: I see…. and may I ask how old you are miss?
*Squeaks* 15…
Saleswoman: I see. Marcy would you come over here and help this dark haired gal if she needs anything? This one…. *pointing at me* is going to be busy for awhile….
~Oh great…now why do I suddenly wish I could all but scream ’I want a BRA!’…. And my mom will step in to save the day? ~ *Follows the saleslady as she leads me to our destination*

*Once we get there she turns to me* Saleswoman: Now then….
Saleswoman: Right. Lizzie. Now then…. what did you have in mind? Something daring? Plain yet slightly revealing? Something totally sheer and see through if wet? Something that won’t be see through on top no matter how soaked it gets?
STOP IT! You’re scaring me!
Saleswoman: Relax…its okay…. I’m guessing that you have only thought about this up to now?
*My nod is all she needs to know*
Saleswoman: Right then! What we need is something that will make someone and by someone I mean your teenage boyfriend…. that is who this is meant to impress see you in a different light?
*Second nod from me confirms it*
Saleswoman: Okay! Show me the color charts and tell me what colors you decided on

*Hands the chart to her. The one Miranda was using* I was thinking a primrose pink and a buttercup blue. Or a baby blue
Saleswoman: With your hair and eyes that would be wonderful. Now…we have something that is the color pink you suggested in your size…. *pauses to look at me*…. right here…. and its opaque, meaning that he won’t see anything above your tummy…. unless you want him to that is…. which comes with either a matching panty or by itself. If you choose the second one I believe we have something in a cotton hipster that is in available in all the colors you mentioned…. how does that sound to you?
Sounds good. Can I see the blue colored hipster please before I make up my mind?
Saleswoman: Certainly. Why don’t you look at the baby doll nightie while I go get one in…. what size are you?
4 adult.
Saleswoman: Right. 4 adult. Be right back

*Before she gets back I‘m joined by my shopping buddy* Miranda: wow…. is that what you picked out?
Uh huh…. with some help. What do you think? *Holds it up to the side of my face*
Miranda: That is so going to look good on you! And Gordo won’t see anything above your bellybutton or your undies! I wish I could be there when he sees you in that thing! He’s going to freak!
I know!
Miranda: Well I’m gonna go get your mom. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted here.

After Miranda leaves:

Saleswoman: Here you go…. I brought a nylon one in both blues along with the cotton and a cotton and nylon one in pink…. in case the blue wasn’t what you wanted
Actually…. I like the buttercup blue cotton hipster so I’m going with that. But I might as well get the rest of them too.
Saleswoman: Smart decision

*After she’s done saying that my mom and Miranda appear*

My mom: Honey is that what you picked out to wear?
Actually, she…*points at the saleswoman* helped me after she got me all frustrated. What do you think? *Hold up the choices so mom can see*
Saleswoman: Is this your mom?
Uh huh….
my mom: Thank you for helping her….
Saleswoman: Not a problem. I take it you approve?
My mom: Very much so. Its what I was hoping that she would end up with. Its flirty, yet not one bit revealing of ‘the twins’ that she has….
My mom: Right then. I see I made another mistake. Before it goes any further…. why don’t we pay for all 7 of these items and get out of here? Saleswoman: Right this way then so we can….

After everything is taken care of and all 3 of us are at my house:

Thanks mom. Really. Other than your approval…. I don’t think there was…. oh wait, that ‘twins’ comment embarrassed me.
My mom: Sorry about that. Well Miranda would you like to stay for dinner then have your parents swing by like it was in the old days?
Miranda: Sounds cool to me. I was hoping to see Lizzie in her….

*Enter the cactus head, cutting her off*

Matt: Oh neat! Bags from the mall! What’d ya buy me?
I didn’t buy you anything except the dog collar you asked for!
Matt: VERY funny sister of mine…seriously though…. what’d ya get me?
I told you! The dog collar! SEE? *Fishes one item out of the rest in the bag and holds it up* its even got an ‘M’ for Matt on it!
Matt: MOM! Lizzie bought me a dog collar!
Mom: No she didn’t! I swear sometimes Matt, you let her bug you for no reason! That’s one of those new chokers that the girls sometimes wear. The ones that have their first initials on them. Remember? You saw it on television and turned to your sister and said ‘hey that would look good on you. Make sure you get the one with the ‘s’ on it as you’re always spazzing out!’
Matt: Oh yeah…. guess I should say I’m sorry now huh?

Yes you should!
Matt: Sorry…. so its really for Miranda?
Matt: Cool. Well later. Dad wants me to tell him what I want on the pizza. The one that’s all for ME! *At that he vanishes laughing*
Miranda: He seems…. about the same as what he was before I left.
Actually…. well I’ll tell you about it later okay?
Miranda: Deal

Upstairs 30 minutes later:

my mom: Okay when I say so…. come out of the bathroom Lizzie….
NO! I look silly in this thing!
Miranda: *Said around bites of ‘our pizza’* No you don’t! You look very pretty and very mature! Now stop worrying about it and do what your mom said!
Oh all right! But if either one of you so much as giggle…
my mom/Miranda: We won’t. Promise….
My mom: No not YET! I want to get the camera ready.
MOM! You are so not taking a picture of me in this!

My mom: Its just ONE!
But what if Matt gets his hands on it?
My mom: HE WON’T! Okay…. get ready…. I’m almost focused…. Okay NOW!
Alright! But you guys promised! *At that I walk out*
my mom: Wow…. my little baby is growing up so…
Okay that’s IT! I’m not doing the ’sleepover’!
Miranda: Oh come on Lizzie!

My mom: I’m sorry!
Sorry mom I’m just way too nervous right now about this….
My mom: I understand…. now let me take the picture…
*Stands still waiting as she presses the button*
My mom: Okay…now to remove the flash card with it so Matt can’t get his hands on the picture. *At that she does so* my firstborn…. about to reach yet another milestone in her life….
MOM! You promised!
My mom: Sorry. Well! I should go downstairs now. Lizzie I’ll take the flashcard with me and keep it in my shirt pocket. That way it’ll be safely tucked away where Matt can’t get it.

Okay. Thanks mom. Miranda: Thanks for letting me stay for dinner Mrs. McGuire.
My mom: See you girls later.
Miranda: So….
Yeah. So….
Miranda: You were going to mention something about Matt…
Oh. That. Well do you think you could maybe arrange to stay over another night?
Miranda: Why? Is it really going to take that long?
Well it might…. and you might just fall asleep from boredom before I finish….

Miranda: Tell ya what…. I’ll go call my mom and see what she says first. Then we’ll go from there, okay?
Sounds good to me.

After she gets back:

Miranda: She’s cool with my staying until in the morning sometime. Which should give me the best possible chance to get out of here before ‘he’ shows….
Cool. So what should we start with?
Miranda: Tell me all about how much Kate changed when you guys were in Rome first, then work Matt into the conversation later….
Okay…. well as I said…. when the trip was winding down, she actually seemed to mellow out a bit and helped me keep things from getting ruined due to what I was doing. She even went so far as to finally have some ‘quiet time’ with Ethan
Miranda: Wow. So they did…. finally….
Yep. Just like it was with Gordo and me. Funniest thing though….
Miranda: Funny how?
Funny in the sense that Paolo’s singing partner had the same first name as your middle name
*Wide-eyed look from Miranda*: Her name was Isabella? Whoa. That is….
Miranda: Freaky and kind of creepy is more like it….
Miranda: De nada…. so anyway…. Matt…
Right. Anyway…. he didn’t stay much different than he always had been. Except this time…. when I messed up graduation…. he sent the tape of me doing it to ‘Good Morning America’ and then CNN got it somehow!
Miranda: That rotten little….! So did he change any after that?
Sort of…. but like Kate…. he’s back to being his usual self…. as you saw
Miranda: Sounds like I did miss a lot.
*Small shrug* not really….
Miranda: Sure don’t sound that way to me….

Somewhere around 4 [closer to 5 though] in the morning after we‘ve been talking almost all night,along with catching a little sleep:

Well the pizza is almost gone…. and it‘ll be breakfast time eventually…. wanna go see if there is any left downstairs?
Miranda: I’ll go. Can’t risk your dad still being up and all and him seeing you in…. well that
Good thinking….

*After she gets back yet again with the rest of the pizza*

Miranda: Huh. Judging by this note…. Matt wanted the leftovers for breakfast.
Well he can have it for all I care. I’m getting’ kind of tired of it as it is….
Miranda: Then why did you…
I thought maybe you wanted it…
Miranda: Nah…. want I should take it back down?
Miranda: Okay. Be back shorty…. whoops shortly….

*When she’s back for the third time still holding the pizza box*
Miranda: Um Lizzie…. we might have a problem….
Huh? What?
Miranda: Don’t get upset or anything…. I overheard your parents talking about Gordo being on his way over here somewhere close to an hour and a half...maybe 2 hours...or three hours from now,this very morning!
Miranda: Thanks for not ‘freaking’.
Dad: What was that shouting just now?
That was me dad! I sat on a hairpin!
Dad: Oh. Sorry.
Miranda: Anyway…. seems a certain little pest made a phone call and told your boyfriend that you were home last night and that you needed some major help with some homework tomorrow.
I’m going to kill him….

Miranda: Not in that I hope…. oh no….
Miranda: I’m probably going to have to leave when he gets here and he’s going to see THAT before you might be ready for him to unless…. I stall him long enough for you to get out of that and then into something else!
Would you?

Mom: LIZZIE! Gordo is here!
Oh no! What am I gonna…. oh great…well this is not how I wanted things to go!
Miranda: Yeah but what can ya do?
Hide in the bathroom?
Miranda: You might have to while I’m stalling him. Assume crash positions…. *at that she shoos me into the bathroom to change clothes*

*Before Miranda can even get out the door to block Gordo*

What the heck are those? Oh no…. that had better be MATT!
Miranda: Its not…. and I think you know who it is….
Miranda: I’ll do what I can. Now get on what you got to do!

Out in the hallway:

Gordo: Hey Miranda. Is Lizzie awake yet? Matt told me she needed some help with all her homework…
Miranda: Yeah she’s awake. And she’s in the shower
Gordo: Oh. Well I’ll go in and wait for….
Miranda: NO! You go back downstairs and I’ll show up down there when she sends me to tell you that it’s okay to go upstairs!
Gordo: Why?
Miranda: Because I SAID SO!
Gordo: Okay okay! Sheesh you don’t have to be so…
Miranda: Oh save it ‘David’ you’re not fooling anyone, especially the person who you know is like a ‘tigress by the tail’ when she wants to be


Gordo: Yeah? Why did you have to go away for the whole summer anyway? I always said that there should be a little of you in Lizzie and vice versa….
Miranda: And I just can’t wait to hear all about it again…. ~Come on Lizzie! I’m falling asleep here! ~
Gordo: Something wrong? You’re awful quiet….
Miranda: Huh? Oh just thinking about ‘my new outlook’ some more….
Gordo: Ah that. Yeah I know what you mean Miranda. Jumping from one thing to the next is kind of scary sometimes…. if you need someone to talk to about it….
Miranda: Maybe when Lizzie is around…
Gordo: Gotcha
Lizzie: MIRANDA! Could you come up here and get me a towel for my hair from the linen closet? I forgot to grab one and I’m dripping big time here!
Miranda: Well that’s my cue…seeya in a few Gordo.
Gordo: Yeah

*Later after the ‘shower’*

Hey Gordo…. um when did you get here? I was in the shower and I didn’t hear you come in….
Gordo: About 45 minutes ago…. your brother got me out of bed this morning telling me that you needed help with all your homework before your head caved in?
Yeah that would be Matt for ya…. ~that little cactus head is so in trouble when I see him next~
Gordo: Lizzie?
Hmmm? Oh just thinking.
Gordo: Good. Because nothing gets me up and out of bed faster than the need to give 150% when it comes to tackling a hard problem that no one else can!
*Laughs* Yeah…. I should have written in your yearbook the exact same thing you did when it came to mine.
Gordo: Yes. It would have made sense in my case as well. What I wrote in your yearbook that is

Miranda: WELL! I would love to sit here and throw off the groove you guys have going all day…. but I got to get going home sometime today before my parents send out the search party!
Me/Gordo: Later Miranda.
Miranda: Have fun later you guys…*at that she winks slyly to me. Even though Gordo sees what she did*
Gordo: What was that? Another one of the ‘secret codes you girls have?’
Yeah that’s what it was Gordo. Man nothing gets past you!
Gordo: *Sniffs the air thereby changing the subject* Hey are those your dads pancakes I smell? I am SO hungry!
*Giggles* Oh go on and see already. And tell the ‘rents I’ll be in the kitchen in a few minutes will ya. Oh and try to save me some food will ya? I am so sick and tired of pizza. I want something else!
Gordo: Okay. And I’ll make sure to tell Matt the same thing.

10 minutes later after Miranda has decided to stay and eat something else as well before going home:

Dad: Okay who wants seconds? Thirds? Anything that might come after those 2 numbers?
Miranda: I’ll take a couple more blueberry….
Gordo: Can I get an apple?
I wouldn’t mind another…
Matt: NO MORE for Lizzie! She’s starting to look like a chipmunk as it is!
MATT! *Knees him under the table*
Matt: Sorry. Can I get 3 more chocolate chip ones?
I want 2 more plain ones if that’s okay….
My dad: What? Slow down you guys…. I can only….
my mom: Honey…. why don’t you tend to what Gordo and Matt asked for while I tackle what Lizzie and Miranda asked for. Deal?

My dad: You know that’s also one of the reasons I knew we’d be great together…. you’re able to focus under pressure sometimes.
My mom: I know honey

Gordo: So anyway Lizzie…. did you have any luck getting the 2 colors of paint that we discussed early yesterday?
Huh? Oh yeah…. got them just fine!
Gordo: So when can I see the colors you picked out for the trim?
Um…I think maybe my mom and or my dad would be the people you should talk to about that problem. Sorry Gordo
Gordo: Works for me. I may be willing to help you with your homework…. but painting the baseboards in your bedroom is another story….
Matt: HEY! Since when did mom and dad say it was…OW! Dad! Lizzie kicked me!

Matt…. zip it!
My mom: Matt…we didn’t say it was okay for Lizzie to paint part of her room…. we were talking about what colors might look good for YOUR room. See…. Lizzie suggested the idea and we just agreed to it. She wanted that to be your Christmas present.
Matt: Cool. Sorry Lizzie.
No problem
Gordo: So anyway…. I talked with my folks before we left to come over here and they said that it would be okay if I hung around here all day, if need be, in addition to spending the night tonight
My mom: Um Lizzie…. a minute alone?
Sure mom!
My mom: In the living room.
Gotcha mom

*Living room*
Mom: You DID put everything away that we bought yesterday didn’t you?
Mom: Good. Because its one thing if Miranda sees ‘it’ early and quite another if Gordo does….
I got it covered mom. Relax okay?
Mom: Just have to make sure sweetie. Now come on…. before your breakfast gets cold.
Right behind you mom

*Back in the kitchen*

So anyway Gordo…. I hope you don’t mind being in a sleeping bag like always, when you spend the night in my room later.
Gordo: Why would I mind? I know your parents won’t make any special rules that will allow me near your bed, even though I’m your boyfriend….
My mom/dad: And make sure to keep that in mind Gordo. Its one thing for us to take this chance on trusting Lizzie again. Just like it’s just that easy for us to decide that she isn’t trustworthy. Got it?
Gordo: Loud and clear Mr. & Mrs. McGuire…. so anyway Lizzie…. why’d you ask me what you did?
Because silly! Its like you just said… The fact that we’re a ‘couple’ now isn’t going to suddenly make my parents say its okay for you to NOT be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag!
Gordo: I see. Thought that’s what it was

Later after breakfast:

Gordo: So anyway Lizzie…. the math in the chapter we were working on this week isn’t very much harder than what I was talking to you, Tina and her friend Quinn about.
I see….
Gordo: Good. Let me know when you want to move onto something else.

*20 minutes later*

Gordo: Wow…. you sure took to that pretty quick….
Well just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean…you know….
Gordo: Of course not. So! What next?
Gordo: Okay…. what about that didn’t you understand?
What’s a ‘topic sentence’ and what does it have to do with the rest of what follows it?
Gordo: Well for starters…. a ‘topic sentence’ is what is used to define what the rest of the work that you’re going to do…. is about. Kind of like…’dear diary: Today was a good day’. Then you explain WHY today was so ‘great’. Or whatever word you used

OHHHHHHH! I get it! So when they ask me to write a 4 page paper on what our summer was like, well 2 weeks anyway, in Italy…. for our ‘World History’ class…I should give my view on what I soaked up when we were there?
Gordo: Exactly! I knew you’d catch that one quickly!
Gordo: So what do we have to tackle next?
Hmmm…. *looks at the sheet that I made* that would be…. well we can do that later. We’ve been at this for…. *looks at the clock* 3 hours now? And we started at 10? Wow
Gordo: Yeah. Pretty amazing when you think about how we’re almost done with the homework that they assigned us for the week. Well yesterday at the most….
Yeah its kind of hard to believe that this is kind of not different than what we were learning in junior high.

Gordo: Well I need to take a break. Do you mind?
No go right ahead. Like I said, we can take care of the rest of this over the next part of the day or thereabouts
Gordo: So you don’t want to finish this after I get back from the bathroom?
Huh? Oh no…. that’s not a big deal
Gordo: Okay. Cool. Thought I’d check with you first.
No harm in that. So do you want to watch a movie when you get back? I got a couple on my way back from the mall yesterday.
Gordo: A movie sounds good. As long as its not a ‘chick flick’.
Gordo: Sorry Lizzie

Later after dinner:

Gordo: Man I should really have your mom give my mom the recipe that she uses for making meatloaf.
I’m sure she will Gordo. Now…. since we got most of the homework done…. what do you want to do next?
Gordo: How about that other movie?
You sure?
Gordo: I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t….
Okay. Because it’s ‘Agent Cody Banks’.
Gordo: I’ve been meaning to rent that one myself….
Cool. You want popcorn?
Gordo: Sure.
Okay. You put the movie in and I’ll make the popcorn. Deal?
Gordo: Works for me

2 hours later:

My mom: Honestly you 2.…why did you wait until the day the movies were due back to watch them?
Sorry mom…I’ll pay for the extra day as a late fee if that helps….
Gordo: I’ll give you the money Mrs. McGuire. It was my fault. I was the one who didn’t rent it when I had the chance to
My mom: Well you don’t…. since you offered though Gordo…. we’ll do it this way instead. How about you go with me when I go to rent some movies for you guys to watch later, if you want to?
Gordo: Sounds good.
Oh mom! When you’re there…. could you pick up, if they have them…a copy of the first ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie? Oh and that one about the gal who graduates from junior high home schooled I think it was and goes to Hawaii for 3 weeks over the summer? What did they call that one Gordo?
Gordo: Hilary Duff meets Lilo&Stitch? I don’t KNOW!
Okay…forget about the second movie mom.
My mom: Okay. So it’s just the first chapter of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy?
My mom: Okay! The tape is done rewinding…. so lets go already Gordo.
Gordo: Right behind you Mrs. McGuire

After Gordo and my mom go to the video store:

~Almost time almost time almost time~ *Runs towards my room as quickly as what my legs can carry me, that thought echoing through my head like a mantra that will be replaced later by a more important one*
Matt: Hey future track star! NO running in the house while I’m trying to do my homework!

*Pauses to kiss Matt on the cheek before going into my room* Sorry little brother…. kind of got carried away in what I’m going to do later!
Matt: THANK YOU. Now go do whatever it was that you had to do and leave me alone okay? Dad is having a hard enough time helping me as it IS!
Promise little brother. I’ll be quiet until you guys are done. *Slips into my room and heads to my dresser. Gathers the same thing that I was wearing most of the night and gives it a looking at while sniffing it slightly. ~Mm…. still wearable…. ~ *Sets it aside and looks for the other pair of blue cotton hipster style underwear that I correction my mother…. bought for me to go with the baby doll I’m about to slip back into* ~THERE YOU ARE! Man is this going to help me accomplish what I need to do when Gordo gets back! No way in the world he will be unable to see me in a different light when I am wearing this!~ *Grabs it and vanishes into the bathroom laughing softly in my head so as not to disturb the occupants of the room near mine*

After Gordo gets back with my mom from the video store:

Gordo: Hey Lizzie…
Matt: *Poking his head out of his room* Keep it down lover boy! My dad is trying to help me with my math homework!
Gordo: Sorry Matt. Is your sister in her room?
Matt: Yeah. And she told me that she’d be quiet so I could finish my homework…. so do you think maybe you could do the same thing?
Gordo: Sure thing Matt. Did she say if she wanted me to come upstairs when I got back?
Matt: *Shrugs* Don’t remember…. all she did say that she might have some kind of surprise for you when you got back and then told me that she’d do everything that she could to be as quiet as a church mouse while I was working on my homework.

Gordo: Gotcha. Think I would bother you too much if I went up to see what she might be doing on my own?
Matt: Nope. Not really. Knock yourself out. Just don’t try to tear the door down if it appears to be locked. You know how my dad feels about things after what happened
Gordo: Don’t remind me

While Gordo and my brother are talking:

~Well here we go…moment of truth time for you McGuire…Will Gordo be shocked, surprised…scared that you would act so quickly on his words thereby shouting something out that will alert the ‘patriarch that is helping your brother in the latter’s room with his homework, thereby getting himself, Gordo, thrown out on his rear or his ear’…or will he do something that I don’t see coming as he usually does? Oh I hope that he likes what I picked out while thinking about him and what he said! And I hope he doesn‘t also get the impression that I rushed into this without thinking either. I followed the advice that my mom gave me about trusting my head and my heart to lead me down this path when the time was right…. just like I hope he really likes the colors I picked out after he helped make up my mind~

*Stands there in the doorway of the bathroom with the light from the bathroom softly illuminating my body and the nightwear as it’s the only source of illumination in my room waiting for Gordo to walk into the room, smiling and holding my breath slightly so as not to pass out or anything before he gets across the threshold. Which is exactly what happens 2 minutes later*
Gordo: Hey Lizzie…they had one copy of the ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ left. Good thing your mom phoned ahead…. and I got some goobers and some of those chocolate covered raisins you…*at the sight of me standing in the doorway dressed as I am he stops dead in his tracks, the candy falling from his hands and hitting the floor softly* Lizzie is that really you?

*Giggles softly* Yes its really me Gordo…what do you think? *Twirls slightly the hem of the baby doll flaring slightly to reveal a small portion of my hipster panties*
Gordo: ~whoa she looks hot… Ease back on the hormones! HER DAD is in the next room! And he could probably make it so that your body is sent out of this house with a few bruises when he throws you back out for good this time! ~ Wow…. you look so…wow….
*Giggles again* Does that mean you think I did a good job following your advice?
Gordo: Yeah…did I say ‘wow’ already?
Gordo: Sorry. I just didn‘t think you’d do this…. this…. so soon after we….
Well you aren’t the only one who acts on thought quicker than someone can change their minds in this relationship ya know….
Gordo: I’ll keep that in mind…

*Watches as my mom walks in* Hey you 2.…. oh Lizzie…. let me go get my camera!
My mom: Sorry you guys! That was my fault not Lizzie’s.
Matt/my dad: No problem!
My mom: Okay! I think I’ll take this movie downstairs along with the candy and you guys can watch the movie tomorrow! Okay?
Me/Gordo: Sure mom. That would be great Mrs. McGuire…

After she leaves and it’s quiet in my brothers bedroom:

Gordo: Man I knew you were mad at me for looking at that picture and then all but demanding you do that kind of thing and here you are…. dressed like you’re ‘sweet 16 peaches and cream…. walked right out of a dream’….
Gordo please…I feel weird enough as it is wearing this in front of you…. I don’t need to feel anymore ‘what was I thinking doing this so soon?’ kinds of thoughts keeping the good ones out of my head….
Gordo: Sorry Lizzie…. I guess its just that this has thrown me for as big a loop as what it might’ve you….
Oh man…I was so wrapped up in making you not mad at me anymore Gordo I didn’t even think about that kind of thing!

Gordo: Wait…. back up a second…you did all this because you thought I was mad at you?
Well no…. that was only part of the reason….
Gordo: And what was the rest of it?
Well this was the first chance that we would have to be alone together…. since they, the parents trusted me…. and you to a lesser extent…. to be alone in the same room and not have it turn into a fight waiting to happen….
Gordo: And I didn’t need to add any further incentive by making you give up that cheeseburger you wanted on Monday or Tuesday….
Gordo! You didn’t force me to do this! I wanted to change my image subtly and make you and myself happy at the same time! Me! Not you! Is it your fault that I let Kate make me crazy still? Nope! Mine!

Gordo: Okay. Enough. Before you start to cry. You’re right…. its no ones choice but yours what you wear, within certain limits that is…. what you eat what you don’t eat…. and I’m sorry that I might’ve made you think that I was controlling you into doing this
Yeah…. I’m sorry I tried to say you were doing it too…. so can we try to salvage what little is left of this ‘first’ for us?
Gordo: DEAL. So how do we do that exactly?
*Giggles* Think back to how it was on the plane to Rome and the flight back…. and add my parents downstairs into it with Matt in the next room as well….
Gordo: Gotcha…. just some quiet time spent looking at the stars sitting side by side on your window seat holding hands….
And maybe another kiss thrown in for extra good measure….
Gordo: Well if you think we should….
Okay…. we’ll play it by ear and see what happens…. is that better?
Gordo: Perfect….

A little later on the window seat:
Gordo: Hmmm? What?
Remember when we were back in Rome on that night after the awards at the party? And what happened on the roof?
Gordo: Yeah…. what about it?
Remember what happened before? About how you said I needed to have the adventure first and then it would be your turn?
Gordo: Again...yeah…. what about it?
Well don‘t you think what we have now qualifies as ‘your adventure’?
Gordo: Wow. That’s so deep…. and so unlike you Lizzie. And yet, coming from you, and how I’ve known you for as long as I have…. only you could make that kind of statement to someone like me and it would make sense
Uh huh…. and that’s the kind of thing that makes all that we’ve been through, and will be through together down the road…. seem so weird and so cold if we aren’t together to see it all
Gordo: Don’t worry. If it all ends tomorrow…. at least we had this one perfect almost night together….
Yeah…. oh look…. a shooting star…. make a wish quick but don’t tell me!
Gordo: Okay


Gordo: I’m…. hungry for some strange reason.
*Laughs* Go right ahead and go and see how much meatloaf is left in the fridge…. I’m not going anywhere…
Gordo: Okay. You want anything while I’m up?
Diet soda? No wait…. make me some hot chocolate?
Gordo: Gotcha.

After he leaves and my mom walks in:
My mom: Sweetie…. you okay?
Hmmm? What? Oh just fine mom…. why?
My mom: Both of you were awful quiet after I left and your dad finished helping Matt with his homework….
Oh that…. we were just sitting here on the window seat watching the night sky and thinking about how everything is going to be one grand adventure that will have many hills and valleys as we travel the road of life….
My mom: Wow. Sounds like you 2 had a lot to discuss that makes everything that you went through prior to this, to get where you are…. seem small in comparison to what you know is waiting for you later on
Ya think? So you think like he does? No matter what, we have to be willing to make it work no matter what might get in our way?
My mom: Lizzie did you know that there is such a thing as fate?
Yeah. Me Miranda and Gordo were discussing it…oh. Yeah I can see how you wanted me to understand that this is yet another example of ‘fate stepping in’
My mom: You ARE growing up and starting to evolve. Its starting to become more comfortable to you as well, to see how far you’ve grown…. and how its only helping to prepare you for the future
So you like what I am becoming?
My mom: Of course. Everyone grows up sometime. You’ve done a great job so far. Now make sure you don’t mess up along the way after this

I hope I don’t disappoint you or dad when I make a mistake and ask you to help me see where I went wrong mom
My mom: Honey you know we will help you no matter what, if you can’t solve something that boggles your mind…. its what we’re here for until you leave to start your life outside our home that has kept you safe, and secure all these years. Preparing you for the day when it’s your turn to be the adult on the outside that you are evolving into on the inside
Thanks mom…. really

After I’m done Gordo returns carrying his sandwich and my mug in the other hand:

Gordo: Here ya go Lizzie…. careful…. that’s hot. I nuked the water and then added the mix…. no wait…. it was the other way around….
that’s okay Gordo…. come on…. sit back down. *Pats the cushion next to me as I sit with my legs turned back into the room*
Gordo: Mrs. McGuire?
My mom: Hey go ahead you two I’ll get out of your way. But after you finish and Gordo takes the plate and cup back downstairs and returns its lights out you two
Me/Gordo: Promise
My mom: Goodnight Gordo…Lizzie. *After she tells me that, she leans in to kiss me on the forehead* Sweet dreams you 2.

Me/Gordo: Seeya in the morning…. *at that she leaves and shuts the door. Soon afterwards we both finish and take turns using the bathroom, me going first and Gordo going last as he has to take the plate and cup down to the kitchen while I’m in the bathroom. When he gets back…. I’m already in bed starting to sleep and he crawls into the sleeping bag when he gets ready for bed and shuts off the light in the bathroom*

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October 27th, 2005 (08:43 pm)

current mood: accomplished

The weekend:

*Reclines on the windowsill seat that is in my room, talking to Miranda on the cordless*
Miranda: So anyway chica what was the big emergency a couple of nights ago?
It was just; well it was a minor disagreement between my boyfriend and me, over my ‘taste in clothes.’
Miranda: Define ‘minor disagreement as it pertains to your taste in clothing’, if you would be so kind?
*Blinks* ~Yeah right. We might be really good friends and all Ms. Sanchez, though I doubt what happened between me and the ‘boy-toy’ is something you want to be hearing right now~

Miranda: Lizzie? Did we get cut off? Speak to me chica!
I’m still here Miranda ~Though I wish I wasn’t, right along with wishing I wasn’t having this conversation with you~ What do you want me to say? That everything isn’t slightly out of my control? Don’t think I can, as far as this new ‘problem’ is concerned
Miranda: I think, that maybe you better tell me a little bit about what the ‘problem’ might be, before you go and jump to the conclusion that I might not want to hear any of it, that it might be out of your control, and whatever else you might think this situation to be at present, deal?
I suppose

Miranda: So correct me where I go wrong. Its’ more about the boy than the girl?
Miranda: He wants to go steady
North Pole
Miranda: He wants you to ask him to go steady
Santa’s Workshop
Miranda: Well what then?
He, and by he I mean ‘David’ wants me to be in something slightly less than the amount of covering a candy bar wrapper might provide.
Miranda: Oh. Are you, well you know, going to?
Thinking about it
Miranda: You can’t be serious. You are though, aren’t you?

About 50-50 on the whole thing, though leaning slightly towards ‘this can’t be a good idea.’
Miranda: Well I would hope that you would think so on that one McGuire.
What’s that supposed to mean?
Miranda: ‘Do the math.’ He sees you in your undies, and he might get all kinds of crazy ideas
Gross! You so did not just say that!

Miranda: I think I did, no I take that back, I know I just said what you didn’t want to hear Lizzie!
Okay, lets both pretend for a minute that, 1-this is something I can’t avoid, 2--this is not a dream, this is more like a nightmare, 3-‘David’ really wants to see if I wear thong cut underpants 4-you seem to know more about how a guy thinks that what you let on.
Miranda: Okay, up until the ‘thong panties’, I was nowhere near as grossed out as what I could’ve been. You don’t seriously think he thinks you wear that kind of underwear do you?
Seriously? That’s close to what I wear.
Miranda: Um, okay. Lizzie, can we please stop talking about that subject?
Well sorry! You were the one who brought it up to begin with!
Miranda: Please don’t remind me of that one, okay? Bad enough you put the most horrible [or was it?] image in my head that you did, when you made your little ‘confession.’

*At that I can’t help but sigh, as if this whole thing has left me more depressed than what Miranda might be ‘grossed out’*
Miranda: Lizzie?
Huh, what?
Miranda: You okay?
Miranda: Why not?
*Frowns* what do you mean ‘why not?’ You know ‘why not!’
Miranda: Okay, I think maybe we need to spend less time dwelling on it, in a situation that might leave you open for any kind of humiliation that your wonderful *said while rolling her eyes, same as me* brother might think up, were he to learn of your ‘needs.’
What do you suggest?
Miranda: The old playground down by the old elementary school that we first became friends on. You remember, the one where I almost chipped a tooth when I went down the ‘twisty slide’ headfirst?

Oh yeah. I remember that place. When and what time?
Miranda: How about after lunch? Around *pausing while looking at her watch* 2ish?
Okay then. Around ‘2ish’ down at the old elementary school playground it is then.
Miranda: Great! See you then! *At that she hangs up, with me following suit shortly thereafter. Such a thing as the ‘double click’, existing due to how close to lunch it was starting to get on this, the first day of our shortened weekend*

The schoolyard:

*Watches as Miranda slowly swings back and forth in a descending arc, slowing the whole time. Eventually she tires of this, more likely due to the fact that she notices my approach, and feels it time to get down to business, than anything else*
Miranda: Took ya long enough to get here McGuire.
Sorry. My mom was being a pain. She wanted me to bring Matt along, had to tell her no, which didn’t sit too well with her
Miranda: Well it’s a good thing you didn’t bring him. If he was disgusted by what happened when you spilled your guts that one time, know it was a likelihood that what we might end up discussing, would really make him want to hurl

*Giggles despite my feeling that this is a bad time for such a discussion* To be sure
Miranda: So anyway, about what we talked about on the phone a couple of hours ago. Thought anymore about what you might do?
Not really. I mean the idea is tempting and all, just not sure it’s the best thing to do, you know?
Miranda: Well then, has he approached you, with the request? Have you maybe gone and slipped, and revealed something you might not have wanted to, to your mom?
No and no. Sure my mom was trying to pry it out of me not too long ago, in the terms of trying to find out if there was something bothering me, after Gordo left rather quickly that one day he was over at my house studying. Nothing besides that Miranda. Honest
Miranda: Well that’s good then. Means you didn’t accidentally go and ‘leak some classified info’ that might’ve gotten the boyfriend in trouble right along with you.
Yeah that’s always a plus
Miranda: To be sure. So anyway, you think maybe we, as in you and me, could schedule something of a sleepover sometime in the near future?
Well I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad idea. When exactly in ‘the near future’ we talking Miranda?
Miranda: Oh maybe next weekend or next month at the latest?
Sounds doable

Miranda: Coolie. Well I suppose we should get heading home now?
Actually, I was thinking of heading over to the Digital Bean. Want to go with?
Miranda: Only if you plan to spring for the first round of drinks
*Giggles* Well I might be persuaded to do just that, if someone else calls my mom and confirms the destination that I have just now thought about.
Miranda: Deal. *At that we both set off towards our favorite place on any afternoon, early evening. Along the way, true to her word, Miranda phones my mom on her cell, and gives me the ‘thumbs up’, thereby letting me know its not a problem*

Digital Bean:

Miranda: *after sitting down on the couch we sometimes claim as out ‘turf’* Hey Lizzie, do you see what I see?
*Following her pointing finger* Uh oh, why would he be here? ‘He being the boyfriend.’

Miranda: Don’t know, don’t care. Do know that he spotted my pointing finger, and that he is on his way over here though!
~Oh man, he would have to show especially after the discussion I was having~ *watches helplessly as he walks over and sits down on the couch, thereby prompting Miranda to spring to her feet*

Gordo: Hey you two. Didn’t think I’d be bumping into you guys here. What’s going on, this some kind of ‘secret girls only meeting’ or something?
Miranda: No. I was, just about to go and order something to drink for Lizzie and me! ~Yeah that’s it. Let him see how nervous you might be Sanchez~
Gordo: Well that’s good. You go run along and do that Miranda, while I spend a few minutes of quiet time with my girl here.
*The look in my eyes almost has her changing her mind*
Miranda: Yeah, think I will. ~Even if its only to get away from what might be coming next~

After she has fled the scene:

Gordo: So anyway Lizzie, are you still mad at me for what happened, what was it, Thursday?

Nope. Should I be?
Gordo: Not unless it bothers you. And I trust you know what I am referring to when I mention ‘it bothers you.’
Yeah I know what you mean. ~Give me a break. Is that all you are going to think about, now that you refreshed my memory about the matter I thought was a ‘closed subject?’~
Gordo: *noticing my discomfort* Okay, bad choice of discussion topic I see.
Sorry *Luckily, Miranda interrupts anything that might stem from the ‘sorry’*

Miranda: Well Lizzie, bad news. They are out of fresh pineapple until tomorrow, or maybe later this afternoon.
Well darn it all, then I guess I have to get going don’t I?
Gordo: *Blinking* Okay now I know that there is something which neither one of you plan on telling me sometime soon, as I happened to see a few pineapple chunks being placed in the blender when I showed up here not more than 10 minutes ago

*Sighs, as does Miranda* Okay, busted. I am still nervous about the little ‘discussion’ we had a couple of days ago.
Gordo: Oh. Well I guess that I should be leaving now then. *At which point he stands up, as if ready to do so once on his feet*
Gordo, wait. We can talk about this further, if it makes you feel any better.
Gordo: Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. Either way, I’ll see the both of you in class on Monday. *And just like that he is gone, leaving me and Miranda to watch, slightly stunned, by this recent turn of events*

Monday afternoon:

*Walks slowly towards the bus that is going to take me home, totally lost in my own thoughts, which feel like they were placed in a blender, and turned into a smoothie. My thoughts being that way for a reason. A painfully obvious reason that I can’t seem to escape*

~Flashback to lunchtime~

Oh come on I only want a bacon double cheeseburger and a side of onion rings! Its not like I’m going to turn into the ‘class blimp’ if I eat that Gordo!
Gordo: Yeah? So? Come on Lizzie, I’m only trying to be reasonable here, as usual

*Sighs* WHO was the one who was wishing I would be a ‘lingerie slut’ for him? Oh wait let me think, that would be YOU!
Gordo: Yeah so what if I did let one of my ‘bedroom fantasies’ slip accidentally? You know yourself that you are starting to get older, and you are tired of your mom and dad making you feel like a baby all the time.

What’s the harm in maybe spicing up your underwear drawer a bit; with something that’s not your everyday typical garden-variety tank top and drawstring sleep pants huh? Can you answer that one for me, girlfriend of mine?
Miranda: Give her a break will you lover boy? Can’t you see how she might feel bad about wanting to eat something that could clog her arteries, simply because you might have this fantasy about how she should be a ‘Malibu Barbie’ just for you?
Gordo: *eyeing her* what is this, a tag team bit of action, just like its always been in the past?

Actually, you know he has a point Miranda. As much as I like that you are willing to defend me and all, I think this is one I need to handle on my own
Gordo: Finally. She sees it as well
Shut up ‘boy toy’. Okay I can understand you want me to be ‘sexier’ and all? How is trying to control me and make me your little puppet, as Miranda pointed out, helping you get what you want?

Gordo: *Arching a brow* Boy toy? Is that what you think I am? That I think you are some piece of plastic that I can stick on a shelf, and forget about as you gather dust from neglect and not caring about? If you think that I think such a thing about you, or hope that you will just ‘use me, abuse me, dump me when you get bored with me’, then we need to have some time to think about where our relationship is heading Lizzie
Yes, we do. Question is, what are we going to do about it?
Gordo: I think maybe for starters, we need to give each other some time alone, to think about what might be bothering us. As in, what is really bothering you, and eating at my rational thoughts
Sounds good to me. *Which brings me back to the here and now. Alone with my thoughts. Which are slightly mad*

After the bus ride home, my house:

My mom: *after watching me walk in and not bother to make eye contact with her* Okay what happened Elizabeth?
Nothing. Can I go upstairs now?
My mom: Only if you promise to open up to me, when I show up in your room, under the guise that you know I will, sooner or later, to find out what is really wrong.
*Sighs* Fine. Whatever. You know where I will be.

Slightly later, my room:

My mom: Okay Lizzie, what is really wrong? And don’t try to say ‘nothing.’ We both know that ‘nothing’ wouldn’t have you acting the way you are
Its’ my boyfriend okay! My boyfriend! He wants me to be more ‘appealing to his eyes!’

My mom: In what way?
He thinks I’m fat! And that I should dress in ‘sexy lingerie’ for him!
My mom: Wait, go back and tell me that one more time. Gordo called you fat and wants you to do what?
*Sighs* Gordo tried to tell me what to eat today at lunch, Miranda tried to intervene, and he got upset about it! I told him off, and he wants me to have some time to think about what is bothering me! He wants to dump me mom! He thinks I’m not pretty enough and I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model!

My mom: Good grief Lizzie is that all?
*Blinks* what are you saying? That you agree with him?
My mom: No I am not. Well not totally. What I am saying is that you need, as he pointed out, some sense of control in this relationship. Control over your side of the coin


My mom: Yeah. Oh. He wants you to be happy sweetie. Same as your dad and me,he cares about you, just like we do. He just doesn’t know how to make you see what he is trying to get you to see. Does that make any sense to you Lizzie?
Sort of
My mom: Which don’t you understand?
Um, all of it?
My mom: *Sighs herself* Lizzie you are 15 years old and soon to be sixteen. In a year though,before that special ‘party’. Gordo has already celebrated the rite of passage in his culture. You and he, even though a couple, are now in two different worlds
Oh, now I get it. He’s already a ‘man’, as that ceremony indicates, and I’m still a kid, right?

My mom: Well sort of. He feels that it might be okay for you to have control over what you do, and things like that; whereas, he needs to feel as if he is the older, more mature part of your growing relationship
Oh. Oh! So he thinks its okay for me to eat what I want, and dress how I want, he just sees me differently than what you and dad do, right?
My mom: Yes. Exactly. He wants you to be, as I mentioned, as happy as what your dad and I can still make you, by being your rock, your island to cling to, find solace on, when you need help understanding things, comforting thoughts that you can’t find in your own mind. Or help from Miranda
Oh. So its okay if I buy something other than ‘drawstring pajama bottoms and a tank top with a little kitten that is like that one applique which was on that awful sweater?’

My mom: I…wait, are you telling me that you want to buy a nightgown? Or something to that effect?
Mom, please don’t turn this into the 'I want a bra!' event, that our last ‘girls only shopping trip’ turned out to be
My mom: Okay, fair enough I suppose. That one was bad timing, on your part as well as mine
Thanks mom
My mom: Don’t mention it sweetie. So, do you have any ideas about what you might like to buy?
No. Is that a bad thing?
My mom: Not unless you think it should be
Okay then. Its’ not a bad thing. Its just one of those things that I have yet to totally understand

My mom: That’s my girl. Now, for something you might understand. What do you want for dinner, as in, what should I get on the pizza?
Oh come on mom, you know me better than that now, right?
My mom: Of course. How silly. Extra cheese, right?
My mom: Okay then. Give me a few minutes to place the order, and then you can talk to Miranda about some stuff from today, fair enough for you?
Sounds doable. *Which it was*

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We don't need no education....

October 27th, 2005 (06:52 pm)

current mood: bouncy


*Sits with my friends in our last class before lunch, all of us wondering how much longer the teacher is going to be talking. Eventually I end up turning my thoughts back to the subject the teacher is trying to explain to everyone except Gordo, yawning slightly because I was up a little later than I wanted to be last night into this morning. Something that the teacher doesn’t fail to notice*

World History Teacher: Miss McGuire, is there something about my telling of the story behind one of the more recent events in global history that bores you?
World History Teacher: Well then, is it okay if we get back to what was being discussed?
*At that I just nod my head, too afraid my next words from my mouth might make things worse than they just were*

Later during lunch:

Miranda: Will you quit worrying Lizzie? I’m sure that whatever it was that your boyfriend was going to ask you is nothing major. Think about it, when has it been a big deal with him, as far as anything he wants to ask is concerned?

Gordo: *after sitting down when he has walked out of the cafeteria* I was just wondering how to divide the rest of the chores that the study group has to tackle
Me, Miranda: Oh. Well hopefully that matter will be taken care of before the first test might be headed our way
Yeah sure, whatever, probably will get dealt with by the weekend, one of the 2 days that we have away from here
Miranda: Lizzie? What’s wrong?
Nothing. Why?
Miranda: Well normally, someone doesn’t go and mistake applesauce for butter when they apply it to the slice of bread they might use to eat with the chili

[Toon Lizzie]: Way to go. Go and revert to the ‘airhead cheerleader wannabe’ a little more often why don’t ya? [Fade] oh. Sorry. My mind was elsewhere just now. *And luckily, the bell that tells us its time to go back and think about school, as opposed to eating,sounds before anything else can go wrong*

Later, my house, after school:

*Sits on the couch reading one of the textbooks that I need to read more than the others when my mom walks in and spies Gordo inspecting it as closely as what I am*
Mom: Lizzie? Is there something wrong? You two have been awfully quiet in here.
*Looking up* hmm? Nope nothing wrong mom
Gordo: Trust me Mrs. McGuire, I think I would know, around the same time that you do, if there was a problem with anything I was trying to explain to Lizzie
Mom: Okay you two, I’m going to trust you. *At that she leaves and returns to the kitchen*

Gordo: Anyway Lizzie,about the rest of the tasks that we need to deal with,pertaining to the study group. What are we going to do about that?
*Twirls a few strands of hair around one of my free fingers while looking at one of the pictures in the chemistry textbook* uh huh,yeah,sounds like we need to work on that as well
Gordo: Earth to Lizzie, please respond so we know Lizzie is okay.
Huh? Sorry
Gordo: Its okay. Really. So what do you think we should do? Ask Miranda if she might have any ideas?
Sounds good to me. Well, since we got that problem out of the way, what now?

Gordo: I don’t know. What do you suggest we do McGuire?
I have no idea. Other than maybe going someplace a little more private to study, before my brother gets home from school, and it gets hectic in here. *At that I stand up and walk into the kitchen to see if my mom is busy, which she isn’t*
My mom: Lizzie is there something you needed to speak with me about?
Yeah. Would it be okay if Gordo and I went upstairs to study? Not that you have to say yes or anything, I just didn’t want to be in the way when Matt gets home

My mom: You know that’s not a good idea Lizzie. There is a lot of distance between your room and here. What if Matt were to walk past and see you doing something that you aren’t supposed to be doing? Then there is the whole concept of you liking to keep your door closed when you are studying.
Mom, please. I think I can be trusted enough not to start ‘making out’ with my boyfriend where you would know about it
My mom: Lizzie! Don’t even joke about something like that!
I wasn’t kidding mom. I wouldn’t go and mess up, thereby giving you or dad a reason not to trust me anymore, especially if I wanted to have some quiet study time alone with my boyfriend
My mom: Well I would hope that you wouldn’t go and make a mistake that would cause us to not trust you again young lady.
So can I?
My mom: I suppose. Just try to keep it down will you? You know how your brother hates when he is unable to do his own homework.
Got it. *At that I head back into the living room*
Gordo: So what did she say?
She said yes, provided we keep it on the quiet side.
Gordo: Well lets’ go then McGuire. *Which we do a few minutes later*

My room,a little later:

Gordo: *after seeing one of my magazines lying open on my bed, and the model in it* Whoa, she’s hot looking. You think that you’ll ever do anything like that Lizzie?
*Blushes and scoops up the magazine, closing it as I do so* what are you, crazy? I could never look like that in a million years and we both know it
Gordo: Oh come on Lizzie, you aren’t fat or anything.
*Blinks* I thought you didn’t like talking with me, as far as ‘girl stuff’ was concerned
Gordo: Things change. Besides, isn’t a given that I would try to make you feel better about your ‘body image?’
I suppose. Sorry if I over-reacted
Gordo: Think nothing of it. So, are we going to study or not?
Sure, might as well.

Slightly later:

Gordo: Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be anything you might need help with Lizzie. So I guess maybe I should be heading home now?
If you’re done helping me, maybe you should. Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with your parents or anything
Gordo: Before I go though, just one, no two questions?
Okay. Shoot. What are they?
Gordo: Do you think maybe you will, at some point in our relationship, dress like that one model?
Gordo! How could you ask me such a thing?
Matt: *calling out from his room so he can be heard* Hey keep it down will you?
Sorry Matt! *turns back to Gordo* I think now is where you leave
Gordo: Maybe I should be going home at that. I’ll see you at school Lizzie.

~Not if I can help it~ *just like that, he’s gone. My boyfriend. Without so much as a glance back over his shoulder as he walks out of my room, down the stairs, and exits the front door. Predictably, my mom shows up when he is gone and uses the old ‘oh I’m just looking for dirty laundry’ excuse to see if she can pump some information out of me*
My mom: Lizzie, you okay? Gordo left awful abruptly.
I’m fine. He just wanted to get home so he wouldn’t be late for dinner is all
My mom: Okay. Well I’ll leave you alone now so you can maybe have a chance to talk to Miranda on the phone before we have dinner
Thanks mom.
My mom: Don’t mention it sweetie.

*And just like that she too is gone, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Thoughts that have me wondering if maybe Gordo was on the right track, as opposed to me, when he asked me what he did before I got all upset and practically ordered him to leave. Before I can dwell on it very much I simply shrug it off and head over to my bed, flopping down on it so I can call Miranda. After I do, only to find out that she is preoccupied with something of a crisis of her own, I just tell her that I’ll talk to her after dinner, then hang up so we can both have some peace and quiet*

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Able to leap tall pronouns in a single bound!

October 27th, 2005 (06:32 pm)
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The first years are hard years

October 27th, 2005 (05:04 pm)

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Homeroom, 2 weeks into freshman year:

*Sits close by where Miranda, Gordo, and a couple of new faces in our school system, a girl from Malibu known as ‘Tina’ [shortened from Albertina, like when I was given my name, and they gave me a short version], and her older stepsister Margaret, or Megan, are sitting, hoping that the teacher who has this ‘class’ doesn’t break up the trio from middle school*

Homeroom teacher: Okay, now that everyone has been seated, time to get down to business. Your teachers feel that the best way to tackle projects is by forming study groups. Since they don’t trust me with a ‘real class’, I both agree, and disagree with their ideas.

With that out of the way, I have taken the index cards that you, the students filled out when the first class was held in this room, then did some shuffling of the deck, to see who would fit with the ‘captains of the study groups.’

Rather than draw this out, when I read aloud the names of those I have chosen to be ‘captains of the ships’, I want the study group leaders to come to the front of the class, then read aloud the names of the rest of the study group.
There will be no changes when the lists have been read.

*At which point the teacher launches right into his work. When he gets to the only other ‘g’ in our class, my heart stops for a second, then starts up again when he, my boyfriend gives me a ‘well lets wait and see what happens when I get to the head of the class shall we?’ look. Shortly after that deed, Gordo making his way to the front of the room, my fears are dismissed, as he reads the names of the study group*

Gordo: ~Well we all know I’m in charge of a group, so I think I need to see who I am in charge of~ McGuire, Elizabeth, Sanchez, Miranda Isabella, Vargas, Margaret Marissa, Vargas, Albertina. *As soon as he reads the last name, a snicker from someone else in my row, forces the teacher to intervene*

Homeroom teacher: Ms. Miller is there a problem that you would like to share with the rest of your fellow students?

Claire: No sir, nothing wrong here. ~At least that I want to say in front of you, just like I hope when I am both off school grounds, and have the rest of my ‘posse’ around me, we can laugh about how the ‘geek patrol from middle school added a couple of new members to its little group.’~

Homeroom teacher: Well since that is the case, then kindly keep your catty comments out of my classroom and everything will be good for both of us. All right students, since you know your team leaders, and they know the rest of you, I want you to take some time to discuss matters that pertain to the group, sometime during the rest of the day. Since I don’t want to have to repeat my request, when the rest of the group leaders have finished, try to keep that in mind shall we?

*Which they did. And, to no one’s surprise, Kate was made a group leader, and her group was composed of the rest of her ‘pompom shaker group’, from middle school.
After that, it was time for us to be heading for our first class of the day, then to whatever else was awaiting us, as the day progressed*

Lunchtime, on the patio:

Gordo: So anyway, was anyone else surprised that we, me Lizzie and Miranda, along with the 2 new gals, were thrown together in a study group?
Miranda: Well yeah maybe a little bit. Only because we don’t really know that much about the 2 ‘new gals.’
Lizzie: Yeah, it is kind of weird for that teacher to think they would work with us, when we know next to nothing about them, and they know as much about my boyfriend, the third musketeer, and me.

*Walks up to the table with my sister following just in time to hear the last part of Lizzie’s dialogue* Did you ever think that maybe the teacher who was assigned to homeroom, thought there was a reason to add us to your ‘3 man band?’ Just because we are from out of town, and we know nothing about you, and vice versa, doesn’t mean we, my sister and me, are idiots you know.

Tina: Sis please, don’t make them mad or anything. They seem like the kind of people we could use as friends.
*Sighs while setting my tray down* you’re right as usual Tina. Sorry I snapped at you guys just now.

Gordo/Lizzie/Miranda: Not a problem, Megan right?


Tina: So anyway, I don’t know if it’s a thing I should say, but I have a notebook computer that has a detachable drive that I can use to store the notes on that one of you will take, then bring it here to school and print, or I can do it somewhere else. The printing of the notes deal I mentioned
Gordo: Funny you should bring that up. I was thinking we should all meet after school at either Lizzie’s house, or our usual place where we gather, the Digital Bean, to delve further into this matter

Tina: Or we could do that *At that the bell which signals the end of lunch sounds and its time for us to head back into the depths of the school*

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Manic Mondays

October 27th, 2005 (04:19 pm)

current mood: ditzy

'These are the days when you wish your bed was already made--Manic Monday by the Bangles'

5:30 a.m. the first day of school my freshman year at Hillridge High:

*Groans and buries my head back under the pillow as the alarm shrills me into half waking, wishing that this were just another day that would allow me to sleep a little longer.

Unfortunately that is not possible today. Nor is it going to be that way for the remaining number of days during this, my long awaited trek from middle school to the big leagues--high school.
Yeah, you heard that right. Lizzie McGuire, the ingenuine little apple of my fathers' eye and the firstborn of one Jo McGuire is about to start high school. This should be fun don'tcha think?*

Mom: Elizabeth Brooke McGuire rise and shine! This is the first day of the rest of your academic career until college! Now get the lead out, chop chop!

~Lovely. As if the alarm trying to bore its way into my brain like a dentists drill wasn't bad enough~ Okay okay! Sheesh mom don't have a stroke or something! I'm up! *Grumbles while heading to my bathroom to start getting ready for the day. When I get done with the shower and yank on some fresh underwear I head over to my closet to find the 'perfect first day of high school outfit.' Which would be possible if I were anyone besides Lizzie McGuire*
I have nothing to wear! I screamed at the top of my vocal register. That sets my mom in motion, finally ending up in my room.

Mom: Honey what is with all the yelling? You have a lot of pretty new clothes from your trip to Rome and the shopping spree, which you went on when you were pretending to be Isabella Parigi.
Moooooooooom! Those clothes are 'So Yesterday!'
Mom: Well perhaps you can just make do with what you have until we can get you something else to wear, hmmm?
*Sighing slightly* I suppose so.

Mom: *Hugging me and giving me a light peck on the cheek* thats my girl! Now get a move on and get dressed okay? Breakfast will be ready when you get downstairs.

Yeah, yeah. Not a problem mom. *At that she leaves and I get to work on finding the 'perfect outfit' from what I have to work with. Eventually I manage to cobble together something that doesn't scream 'fresh meat freshman here' and head downstairs to breakfast*

Gordos' POV:

*grins as the alarm goes off and I realize what day this is. First day of freshman year* ~Yeah baby! Whole new set of rules and a chance to finally embrace the fact that Lizzie and me are a couple! Can't get much better than that! ~ *Before I know it I'm showered, clothed and heading out the door to the bus stop to await the arrival of the girlfriend and the bus when it gets here, knowing all the while in the back of my head that my drivers license isn't very far away. Eventually she comes into view. My perfect angel dressed to 'the nines' as usual. Is it any wonder why I like her so much? The girl could make a paper bag look like it was the hottest thing to wear on the planet*
Lizzie: Hey Gordo! *At that she pauses long enough for me to admire her new outfit before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek* so how are we feeling today? We as in me are feeling great. And I can't wait to get this day started. *At that last part Tina arrives and joins Lizzie and me, along with Miranda a few minutes later, at the bus stop*
Miranda: Well thats hardly unexpected coming from you Mr. Gordon.
Me/Lizzie: Hi Miranda, Tina. *Of the two of them, only Tina replies, in her usual greeting, a quick nod of her head. Then the other new arrival gets right down to business*
Miranda: So Lizzie, when you going to give me the 411 on what happened in Rome chica? Lizzie: *Giggling slightly* How about during study hall? That way you can tell me all about your vacation in Mexico City!
Miranda: You got yourself a deal McGuire. *Just as she finishes the bus pulls up and it brings our conversation to a close. For now anyway*

Later in the auditorium:

Ms. Ungermeyer: Attention students! Now we all know this is the first day of classes for all of you in this, our newly built Hillridge High! And let me say it's a pleasure to see each and every one of the brand new seats in our new auditorium filled with all your bright shining faces! Well, since I've gotten that out of the way...get to class all of you! And stop by my office on the way out for your locker assignments and combinations in addition to your class schedules! Dismissed!

Her office shortly thereafter immediately followed by what we can accurately call the great locker hunt:

Miranda: Hmph. I'm like.... 10 miles away from your locker Lizzie!
Lizzie: Well I'm about 5 miles away from my boyfriends locker!
Gordo: I have what classes? Oy vey.... this is going to be a long year.
Lizzie/Miranda: We second and third that emotion! So lets get started on finding those lockers shall we? *Which all 4 of us do*
Lizzie: 344,345.... here we go 346! Now lets have a go at the combination! *While she is dialing hers in I've already finished and opened my locker*
Miranda: Well maybe this won't be so bad after all. I'm only like, 8 lockers from where you guys are. And Tina is right near where mine is.
Lizzie: Coolie. We're practically neighbors! The 3 amigos together again!
Kate: *while walking by* 3 Stooges is more like it. *Upon reaching her locker she frowns* No, this has GOT to be a mistake! I can't be seen being so close to a 'Goth'! It'll ruin my reputation!
Tina: Well miss future homecoming queen its not going to be a bed of roses for me either being so close to an airhead cheerleader! And for the record.... no one cares!
Kate: Oh go hang with the rest of your loser friends over there.
Tina: Tell me Kate, what color is the sky in your perfect little fantasy world? *As she fumbles and stammers trying to come up with a witty comeback I just flick my wrist at her in a 'get lost you cheerleader type freak of nature' before walking over to where Lizzie&her man are waiting,Miranda joining us after brushing past Kate, trying her hardest not to laugh, before we all head off to our shared class, English 1*

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Baby I'm a real Wild One

October 27th, 2005 (02:58 pm)

current mood: angry

4 months later:

My 'new dad': Welcome home Margaret. Would you like to lay down for a bit, or is there something else that you would rather do seeing as how your freedom has just been restored to you?
*Spins and glares at my mother* you told me that this guy knew my name is Megan.
My mom: you know what? You’re right. He knows everything there is to know about you, just like I told you I was planning to tell him, when the subject that relates to you directly, popped into one of our conversations.
Please, for my sake as much as everyone else who is now part of our family, don’t prove the doctors who released you, wrong by becoming as big a problem, here and now, as you were in the past when you had to be taken from me.

*Grumbles a bit quietly while thinking over my options, which don’t look too promising right now* ~Yeah this is going to work out wonderfully~ *Sighs* I thought my own mother would understand that I didn’t want any of this ‘baggage’ I have to deal with. Just like, I thought there was some slim chance that she might feel my need to ‘act out and rebel’ in the past, was because I was sick and tired of the hell my home life degenerated into. Guess when I was ‘formally committed’ I should’ve expected things to be no different in the ‘nuthouse’ than what they were on the outside, now that I’ve been lucky enough to be paroled to the outside, so I can try to pick up with where my life was paused about a year and a half ago.

My dad: I don‘t think you need to talk to your mother, or me for that matter, in the manner you have been conversing with us young lady. As such, I believe you owe both of us an apology for behaving like a spoiled brat.
Get bent. You are not my dad and I don’t have to listen to you if I don’t want to. As such, you just go right ahead and treat me like I’m still a laboratory rat that has to behave in order to get its slice of cheese after having a gazillion and one tests run on it, and everything will be fine between us.
Mom: Margaret ~Oh goody here it comes~
Mom: Marissa ~Wee! Up to the second part of my company name. *Waits for the 3rd part*~
Mom: VARGAS. You will not talk to your dad that way!

**** you mom! *Points at the man standing there, who is glancing from time to time towards the second floor, then the kitchen doorway, as if he’s looking for someone to make an entrance* That is not my dad and we all know it!! My dad abandoned me when I was a nibblet! *At that my mom sighs, which makes the expected smirk return to my face* ~Perfect. Took less time than I hoped it would, to get under her skin~
Mom: Why can't you stop with this? You know I only did this for you, so you could have a father figure. Now you have one. And it’s even better. You have a sister as well. Her name is Albertina. She wants to be called Tina.
So where is she? Haven't seen her since you sprang me from the 'big house' and brought me here. Kind of want to meet this new sister I have.
Dad: She's shy, around new people.
And she's how old?
Mom: Megan....
*Eye roll* oh so sorry daddykins. Didn't mean to offend you or my new sister.
Mom: *throwing her hands up in the air and walking out of the room* this is not worth it. You deal with her okay? I'm going to start dinner.

Dad: Come on. I'll show you to your room. *At that he leads me to the other end of the house after taking me upstairs as well. Once there he pushes open a door to a room with a rollaway bed and a small folding card table in it* this is your room. Feel free to decorate it however you like. I'm sorry about the bed. We'll try to get you a new one later. For now, I'll get you some sheets and a pillow along with a comforter.
Thanks, I guess.
Dad: Tina’s room is right across the hall. Don't approach her unless she seeks you out first.
Okaaaaay gotcha. *at that he leaves and I don't bother to close the door preferring to get to work. Before too long the 'room' is starting to look less like a prison cell and more like an actual bedroom. Then she shows up. The stepsister*

Tina: *standing there just watching me not saying anything while clutching a stuffed animal in a death grip*
Hey you must be Tina. Guess they told you about me huh? My name is Megan. Looks like we're stuck with one another.
Tina: *continues to stare at me not saying a word*
What are you a mute? Or do you ride the 'short bus' to school?
Her dad: *after overhearing all that I said due to his return with my bedding* don't you dare call your sister retarded because she didn‘t speak to you! She's just…. withdrawn.
More like autistic. Is there anything at all that she does say?
Her dad: She hasn't spoken many words in 3 months. The doctor who tested her thinks she might continue to have episodes where she regresses to a point before speech.
Is she.... *makes a twirling motion near my head with one finger. The sight of this sending Tina into motion. Swatting at my arm before speaking*
Tina: No call me.... crazy. Mom crazy. Not me. I'm Tina. I no like you. You make fun of me.
Her dad: Oh baby. She didn't mean it. She just doesn't understand you.
*Rolls my eyes* ~what the heck have I gotten myself into? ~

Tina: *after moving behind him, as if my actions scared the daylights out of her* Daddy! Make her go away! Please make her go away! Don‘t like her!
Dad: *speaking to her as if she were indeed a toddler* its all right sweetie, she won't hurt you.
Tina: Want one of the pills. Me can have one now?
Dad: Ativan. It’s to help her feel less anxious.
Okaaaaay. Listen I'm sorry.... about everything I’ve done so far, I think I need to get out of here right now. You guys need some time to adjust to this new situation you got going on. And from what I can see, my being here is only going to make things that much harder to deal with right now. I'll be back tomorrow, or maybe in a couple of days. *Grabs the pack with my clothes and shoulders it, heading out not only the door to my room, but the one downstairs when I get there as I do so*
Mom: Megan! Where are you going? Not to his place I hope!
I'll be fine mom! I can take care of myself! I'm a big girl! *At that the door slams and she just looks after me fighting the urge to give chase and drag me back to the house kicking and throwing a tantrum that has the whole neighborhood watching*
Mom: She's going to that boy. Rocco. I know she is!
Dad: Let her go. She needs to vent her frustrations over all this as much as we do. And find a way to make sense of all of this. Give her some time. She'll come back.
Mom: She always does. Now come on. Lets go finish fixing that dinner I was talking about. *At that they do. Mom and dad that is. Tina just sits on a stool in the corner watching them and staying out of the way*

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Teenaged Angst

October 27th, 2005 (02:18 pm)

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current song: Lifehouse-Blind

~Yeah.... my life hasn't been what you would call an easy one. Like most people I've had my share of ups and downs. Unlike most people, it’s been a somewhat daily battle with demons that don't exist. I guess if one were in search of words to describe me, and what I do, best way I know of to accomplish that would be to say I’m an introvert to the point that I very rarely go out of my way to be noticed by people who aren't familiar with me. Well that’s what I used to do. Then things had to go and change for me. From what I have managed to remember, the really major life shattering changes started for me when I reached the ‘troubled teen years’~

I don't want a new mom! My old one is still under warranty and not broken beyond repair!
My dad: Tina be reasonable! Your mom doesn't even know what day of the week it is sometimes! How can you expect her to be able to be here for you when you need her as you do now?
Dad.... please. They are trying to help her on that front.
My dad: Yes but not nearly enough that she can be brought back to live with us. Which is why I filed the papers that I did. They will make it so that I can give you what you need. A mother and an older sister.
Wait a minute.... you never said anything about 'an older sister.'
My dad: The woman I am seeing has a daughter. She's 15. And she's in the same place your mom is. Her name is Margaret Marissa Romero. When I marry her mom.... we’re going to change her last name to ours. ~Along with some other things that neither one of you will find out about, if I and her mother can do anything to prevent you from knowing the truth about your ‘parents’~
Why? As in why are you marrying someone when you haven't even fully divorced my mom yet?
My dad: That part will be done before you turn 14,15 at the latest.

Gee.... thanks. *At that he sighs*
My dad: Tina.... please try to understand. I am doing this to help you. Not to hurt you.
You already DID hurt me dad! You want me to accept a complete stranger as my mom! In case you haven’t noticed dad that’s not something that I can do in the same manner as what you accomplish such a deed! Though since you were never around when I needed you the most, how could I expect you to know, much less understand, that I’m not a robot like you! Oh no....always 'work work work. Got to work myself into an early grave so my wife and my baby girl can have a decent life.' What kind of life could I have if one parent is 'nuttier than a fruitcake’, and one was never around to help me understand that none.... none.... none of this thing that took my mom away from me is my fault!

My dad: Tina, why didn't you just try and come to me and tell me how it was you were feeling? I would've tried to listen. You know I always try to at least do that if you need me to.
Because you never do listen to me anymore! And you just proved I was right again!
My dad: Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason I do what I do is because of the way you act towards me, everytime the subject worms its way into a conversation? Case in point: Every time I ask, ‘how was your day today Tina?’ You always manage to find some way of telling me the exact opposite of what I want to hear. Then, when I go and try to get the truth out of you, what happens? Away you run to your room, shutting yourself away within said room, then when the door is securely locked, you turn on your cd player then put that disc of that one band you listen to in and tune me out.
That’s because the music I listen to helps me get in touch with my feelings! And it helps me forget what she did to me! What YOU did to me!
My dad: And what exactly did I do to you hmm?
You left me alone with her! If you had been there like I said, she never would've cut me with that paring knife!

My dad: *at that he sighs* I can only say "I'm sorry" so many times. You need to stop dwelling on the past.
And you need to stop pretending that I'm not torn up inside by all of these changes you want to make to my life!
My dad: Fair enough. How about we both agree to stop making things miserable for one another?
Works for me. So do we hug now or something?
My dad: Not unless you want to.
*Rather than hug I just shrug and go back to my room shutting the door then locking it before turning on my cd player and hitting play bringing 'Karaoke Superstars’ blazing into life once more*
My dad: ~when did my life get so messed up? Or hers for that matter? ~ *At that he picks up the photograph of the 3 of us in happier times. He and his wife sitting on a blanket under a tree each one firmly holding one of my hands as they try to help me in mastering the fine art of walking without anyone holding me up so I don’t fall flat on my face, or my backside* ~she was so happy once. And she actually had a family she could be proud of. Now look at us. We're no better off than a jigsaw missing some pieces. And she, my only daughter withdraws more and more into herself everyday. She says she's trying to 'find herself' and find the answers that I can't give her through that band she listens to. But I have to wonder, is she really 'communing with God' when she does or is she just taking a blade and seeing how much she can hurt herself before she is taken from me as well? ~

*Later after a dinner which is all too quiet for his liking finds me right back where he would rather I not be, isolated from the world, listening to the music that makes me feel better, yet not quite making it that far this time. Eventually I just give up, turn off the cd and then go about the motions of getting ready for bed. Which I wish I hadn’t, as when all is said and done is when I find myself in the grips of a nightmare*

Social Worker: Come on now Albertina. You've kept me standing out here in the rain long enough.
NO! Wanna stay here with my momma and my daddy!
Social Worker: Your NEW parents are waiting for you in the car.
NO! Not going with them until you tell me one thing!
Social Worker: *Sighing* and what do you want to know?
Are my momma and daddy really in there or are they with the angels now? *The minute my younger self asks that my eyes fly open and I start screaming. Only these are silent screams. Eventually the kicking and thrashing brings my dad in and he just holds me as I recline on the bed in something of an upright postion, limp as a rag doll as the tears flow*

5 very long and way too tense for his liking days later:

Therapist: Tina? Won't you please say something? Your dad tells me you have a lovely voice. I'd like to hear it for myself.
*All he gets for his trouble is the sight of me playing with the cord on the window blinds*
Therapist: *said to my dad* Just as you told me. She seems to have lost the ability to speak. At lest temporarily. Most likely its because of cycle of nightmares you told me about that she had.
My dad: Will she, you know? Have to be institutionalized like her mother?
NO! NO send me away.... d d d daddy! Me not want to leave you!
Therapist: Hmm....no I don't believe that will be required in this case. She WILL however need to be in therapy and given something to correct this problem. I'm going to write a prescription for her, for Ativan.
My dad: Please. I'll do whatever it takes to bring her back from this and make her well again.

*Claps my hands together, giggling at the thought of what they are discussing about me* Tina gonna be a happy little camper again! That always a good thing! Makes daddy happy when I no longer misbehave!

Therapist: The sooner we get her started, the better.

~So that’s pretty much how it all started for me~

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This is my brand new day...

October 27th, 2005 (01:55 pm)

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Well...I thought about it awhile,and I finally went and broke down to make a new lj for the RP story archives.

Oh yeah...and before I forget,which I nearly did...the background layout image was supplied [and copyrighted] by one Max Hsu...as seen on his personal online blog. Thanks again for the image Max

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