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We are a fire inside,we are an army asleep

We are a people awaking to follow our dreams

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Well lets see,how to do this without sounding like a bigger freak than I am?

Normally,I'm on the quiet side...heck,I've been alone for awhile now...because I'm an adult,and I don't like the whole 'starving artist who needs a support system' concept,yet I rely on my only surviving parent to bail me out from time to time.

Since thats not what people would want to know about me..I'm ending that drivel right now,and launching into the better stuff

Under music:

Bands: Superchic[k],Chicago,the AM Project...t.A.T.u. [please do NOT ask,nor assume anything negative about me on that last band choice]
Soloists: Amy Grant,Hilary Duff..her sister Haylie,Lalaine

Normally,I don't mind playing video games..if they challenge my mind. Something I've noticed of late,doesn't happen when I am playing the ones from the WWE franchise..*Shrug*

Movies: Well that would be too many to mention,so I'll just list my top 5

Napoleon Dynamite
Cheaper by the Dozen 1&2 [remakes]
Corrina Corrina
Human Nature

Okay so I lied,I only have four..